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We’ve come a long way since the shag, baby

Since seeing this stunning rug by artist Fiona Curran in the Feb/March issue of RUE, I must plead temporary insanity. Like a bad addiction, I’ve needed more. (Rug addict? LOL) Lucky for me, there is an entire collection of equally amazing rugs born out of collaboration between The Rug Company and leading designers and artists like Diane von Furstenburg, Kelly Wearstler, and the late great Alexander McQueen, to name a few. Many of these works of floor art should be hanging in a gallery, in my opinion. In fact, let’s go there: if I were to curate said rug art exhibit, I do believe these would be my top picks:

ZAP, Fiona CurranZAP, Fiona Curran
Feathers, Alexander McQueenFeathers, Alexander McQueen
Climbing Leopard, Diane von FurstenburgClimbing Leopard, Diane von Furstenburg
Carnival, Paul SmithCarnival, Paul Smith
Spotlight, David RockwellSpotlight, David Rockwell
Malachite, Suzy HoodlessMalachite, Suzy Hoodless
Step, Tom DixonStep, Tom Dixon
Tracery, Kelly WearstlerTracery, Kelly Wearstler
Sunset, Matthew WilliamsonSunset, Matthew Williamson
Labyrinth, Allegra HicksLabyrinth, Allegra Hicks

Actually, now that I think about it, for the price of one of these (as you can imagine, I’m sure), they are indeed works of art!


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