Cheap(er) Chandeliers: Big Bang, Little Bucks

Budget-friendly options still big on style

Hey I don’t mind a knock-off here and there.  Sure I’d love to be all uppity and tell you that a designer’s work is genius and should never be copied, but well, the reality…I live on a budget.  I have also accepted the fact that my tastes change/trends come and go, so if I don’t want to spend a fortune on an accent piece that I feel I need right now? I’m going to look at cheaper options.

Now that that’s out of the way, here are some fun finds -yay! (Oh and for you designers out there that have seen these a hundred times, I have a few questions for you at the bottom.)

Estee Stanley Claire Forlani's dining room in Domino

Above photo is from one of my all-time favorite projects, Estee Stanley’s design for Claire Forlani’s home that was featured in Domino in 2006.  We’ve all seen the capiz lamp and perhaps it’s overdone, but I do love mine still, and I love the way it’s mixed here with the leather/chrome chairs, that black painted hexagon tiled floor, and antique wood pieces. The real deal by Verner Panton will set you back a good $995, but everyone knows by now you can get one for a great price at West Elm (although it doesn’t look like they are offering the shorter version anymore).

West Elm capiz hanging chandelier

[ West Elm’s long hanging capiz pendant lamp $259 ]

I was completely obsessed with the Cellula chandelier when I saw it in Claire Forlani’s dining room (top photo, below) until I saw the price – $2600.  And here it is again in a more recent showing in Sally Hershberger’s Manhattan apartment in Elle Decor (love it over the bar!). I’m happy that Z Gallerie has come out with a knock-off since, and I admit it continues to tempt me every so often.

Estee Stanley Claire Forlani's formal dining room in Domino

Sally Hershberger's kitchen in Elle Decor

Z Gallerie linear strand crystal chandelier

 [ Z Gallerie’s linear strand crystal chandelier $349 ]

A recent a-ha!: the last time I went to The Parker in Palm Springs I finally noticed the glass links chandelier in the lobby.  Super cool!  But how about smaller/cheaper versions for a cooler price?

Jonathan Adler Parker Palm Springs lobby

Z Gallerie glass links chandelier

[ Z Gallerie’s glass links chandelier $299 ]

West Elm glass links chandelier

[ West Elm’s glass link chandelier $299 ]

I’m a fan of the Jonathan Adler Meurice pendant lamp as seen in this breakfast nook in Lonny, and yes you can get the smaller size for $375 (not too shabby), but you can also get something similar from Lamps Plus for $99.99.  Doesn’t have quite the same panache, but simple and sophisticated nonetheless.

Eileen Kathryn Boyd nook in Lonny

Lamps Plus white swag chandelier

[ Lamps Plus white swag chandelier $99.99 ]

I’ve been seeing the Cabouche chandelier everywhere lately, haven’t you? But at $1800+, why not just get Z Gallerie’s smaller version for $399? Save that extra $1400+ and buy yourself a non-knock-off, knock-out piece.

shoot factory cabouche chandelier

Z Gallerie jupiter chandelier

[ Z Gallerie’s jupiter chandelier $399 ]

This one I thought was pretty cool. Below is an image from a set on the TV show Parenthood with two IKEA lamps!  I’m really liking the treatment here in a living room, paired up. And at $69.99 a piece, it treats your wallet nicely too.

"Parenthood" set

IKEA PS VAVA pendant lamp

[ IKEA PS VAVA pendant lamp $69.99 ]

I was excited when I saw my West Elm pendant in a recent issue of RUE. I had purchased one on clearance a few years ago, and now I wish I had bought two for my dining room, too!

Manny Rodriquez dining room in RUE

my dining room

OK so I’m dying to know if anyone has found a cheaper version of Tom Dixon’s copper pendant lamp, as seen here in a bedroom done by one of my favorite designers ever, Molly Luetkemeyer (and can I tell you how thrilled I am that I get to profile her in an upcoming post?):

mdesign benedict canyon bedroom

And lastly, I’ve been seeing this or a version of this chandelier a lot lately, and I was wondering if you had any sources? I am digging the way Ryan Korban uses it as a delicate accent in unexpected places (top photo, below) and this recent usage by Flair in Lonny (bottom photo):

Ryan Korban bathroom & bedroom in Lonny

Flair workspace in Lonny

Have you found any other good deals on glam lighting? Hit me up!


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  1. I found a fabulous links chandelier on eBay (recently installed at the shop). It has 3 tiers and oodles of links. A nearby furniture store sells it for 3xs what I paid. When in doubt, eBay!

  2. I know that in order to avoid copyright stuff, all the knockoff peeps have to do is change one little thing on the frame or the design – unfortunately the copper pendant we both want (over my saarinen dining table!) is only a copper ball – there is nothing to change and is so iconic I don’t think it will be copied or offered cheaper. The lucite or glass chandeliers can be found on ebay,, and your local flea/vintage stores for super cheap – especially if you are in an area (like I am) that does not appreciate modern or mid century design. They will basically give it away!
    -e (modern24seven)

  3. Thanks everyone! Did anyone notice the sale on Hautelook today? I was very tempted!

    Desire, when are we going to get to see pics of your store??

    Laura, I would love to see pics of your kitchen with whatever pendant you get!

  4. I need a number of glass links for a fallen chandelier, I know there are many sizes and shapes. Are there places that supply the spares , many thanks Adam