Color Stories: Accessorizing With Books

Judge these books by their covers

I heart pretty books, lots and lots of pretty books — something about how the color, graphics and typography of a successful book jacket design enhance the actual subject matter really does it for me.  I love how books in a home can tell quite a story about the person living there. And of course I love how groupings of books can make bold décor statements, depending on your current décor and color mood. What are you into lately?

color stories: hot & pink

color stories: cool & blue

color stories: warm & gold

color stories: black & white

color stories: bold & bright

color stories: pale & pretty

What books do you have out on display? Do you have favorites that you like to play around with in different spots in your home?


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Erika Brechtel

Erika Brechtel

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  1. Love all those color stories! I did the entire Modern Minimalist apartment around the Tom Ford book, but now I am into the pale gray/nude color grouping. Great blog!
    -e (

    1. Awesome! I just got Andy Warhol Portraits and I think it’s going to be a main focus on my living room coffee table. It rocks.

  2. Ok, we must have been on the same wavelength because I did a similar book post today! I also used and have several of the books you posted!

    I could, and want, to live in a library.


    Rebecca June

    1. No way, how funny!! I love the Lanvin and Paris Interiors – I do not have those yet but they look so pretty!

  3. Fashion/design coffee table books are my FAVORITE gift to give and to get! Tom Ford and Pucci are on my wish list!

  4. You pretty much have the best roundups and groupings EVER!

    Teachers should use your color method to encourage people to read! Erika, you could save the world from illiteracy!