Gray Matters (To Me, If It’s A Big Couch)

The great pillow debate

Steven Volpe Paris pied a terre

[ Steven Volpe ]

When we bought our house–and knowing we’d want to start a family at some point–we bought a comfy Room & Board sectional sofa in charcoal gray.  Smart buy, right?  Well I soon found that I was struggling with something that still confounds me to this day: PILLOWS!  Specifically, how many?  What pattern(s)?  What arrangement – symmetrical, loosely casual, equally spaced across the back, or maybe just two long bolsters on either side? I can’t even count the number of combinations I’ve tried and pillows I’ve returned.  I’ve been going crazy and definitely driving the husband crazy. So you can understand why I might feel a small victorious thrill when I see dark gray sofas in magazines and on blogs.  It helps me figure out what works, what I like, what I can realistically afford to tackle for my next attempt.  Take these examples….which do you think work well?

Kelly Hoppen living room Met Home via the house of sukio

[ Kelly Hoppen ]

Laura Day Park Avenue flat

[ Laura Day ]

Lonny March April 2011 Pereira Associates

[ Pereira Associates in Lonny ]

via RUE

[ Tamara Kaye-Honey via RUE ]

Steven Volpe Pacific Heights

[ Steven Volpe ]

Lonny January February 2011 Hilary Thomas

[ Hilary Thomas in Lonny ]

Martyn Lawrence-Bullard

[ Martyn Lawrence-Bullard ]

Monique Lhuillier family room Elle Decor

[ Monique Lhuillier via Elle Decor ]

Monique Lhuillier living room Elle Decor

[ Monique Lhuillier via Elle Decor ]

Kelly Wearstler

[ Kelly Wearstler via Material Girls ]

Lonny October November 2010 Palmer Weiss

[ Palmer Weiss in Lonny ]

RUE Nicole Cohen living room

[ Nicole Cohen in RUE ]

Lonny October November 2010 Ron Marvin

[ Ron Marvin in Lonny ]

Lately I’ve been leaning towards the less contrast/more texture approach, going a little glam. I’ve got a few pillows now that I think are working (knock on wood). We will make a “firm” decision once the beni ourain rug arrives. It could all change again of course!


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  1. I’m in love with the extra ling bolster in the first image. And the suzani-ish one in Rue. So, do a long bolster in a suzani! 🙂

    1. Justin isn’t into suzanis, ikats, that sort of thing. (I was shocked he likes the beni ourain rug I bought!) But I do like that bolster look — problem is the two of us actually agreeing on a fabric!

  2. I was just looking at this again. I was drooling over that wallpaper in the Laura Day room. Then I finally noticed the upholstered dining room chairs…I have that on a chair in my living room!! I’ll have to send you a pic…

  3. Ditto, I like the bolster pillow look too. I haven’t seen that much, mostly you see the pairs of pillows in a pattern and coordinating solid, so it’s nice to see a different approach!

  4. UPDATE: bought two West Elm mongolian lamb fur pillows in curry yellow, a la the Laura Day photo above. Love the look! Much more contemporary than we had previously.