I Think I Have A Problem, and It’s Called E-T-S-Y

The first step is admittance, right?

But honestly, I think this is one addiction I don’t really want to get over.  Etsy is chock full of fab vintage finds, it’s easy to search, easy to pay, and every seller I’ve come across has been totally legit and couldn’t be nicer. What’s not to love?

So let’s take a little house tour of my recent purchases, and you tell me…do I have a problem? Or more importantly, does it need to be fixed?

You’ve probably seen the painting that inspired a new office scheme, by artist Erin Ashley

small shop KWID office scheme

Etsy purchase: abstract painting by Erin Ashley

I’ve only shared a few glimpses of this always-in-progress room, but here are a few fun pieces that I’ve picked up for it…

Etsy purchase: vintage carrera marble bookends

Etsy purchase: 1970s white carrera marble bookends

[ 1970s carrera marble bookends, $34 ]

Etsy purchase: 1970s Gucci ashtray

[ 1970s Gucci ashtray ]

Etsy purchase: vintage Hawaiian 6pc souvenir coaster set

[ vintage Hawaiian 6-piece coaster set, $6 ]

Love this shop, she has some neat little finds…

Etsy purchase: vintage YSL towel

[ vintage YSL towel, $6.50 ]

Also picked up these groovy napkins from the same shop (not to use of course, but just because they add so much to the room)…

Etsy purchase: 1980s napkins from Spain

Etsy purchase: 1980s napkins from Spain

[ set of six 1980s napkins from Spain, $18 ]

Etsy purchase: 1970s Italian ice bucket

drinks anyone?[ 1970s Italian ice bucket, $10 ]

Etsy purchase: David Hicks La Fiorentina pillow

Etsy purchase: David Hicks La Fiorentina pillows[ David Hicks La Fiorentina pillows, Plum Cushion ]

Most of the pillows on her window seat came from various Etsy shops…

Etsy purchase: smile pillow in yellow by Honey Pie Design

Etsy purchases: window seat pillows[ pink petite tiger print pillows, Blue Door Style ]
[ yellow zig zag & smile pillows, Honey Pie Design ]

Etsy purchase: flamingo watercolor paintings

[ flamingo watercolor paintings, Dimdi ]

Etsy purchase: Trina Turk pisces pillow, Willa Skye Home

Etsy purchase: Trina Turk pisces pillow

[ Trina Turk pisces pillow, Willa Skye Home ]

These toy blocks came in real handy for the event, and it was a nifty gift for the momma…

vintage wooden blocks on Etsy

Etsy purchase: vintage toy blocks

[ set of 33 vintage toy blocks, $20 ]

These I really don’t need, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want them…

vintage sonneman acrylic chrome lamp on Etsy

[ vintage Sonneman acrylic chrome lamp, $385 ]

mid century credenza console fabulousmess on Etsy

[ mid century credenza console, $595 ]
This whole shop is just all glam goodness…

Dorothy Thorpe silver rim fade highball glasses on Etsy

[ Dorothy Thorpe silver rim fade highball glasses, $50 ]

vintage painted rattan table mirrored table GreenZebre on Etsy

[ vintage painted rattan table with mirrored top, $195 ]

"Draw the Line" by Leigh Viner on Etsy

[ “Draw the Line” by Leigh Viner ]
Digging this artist lately….

vintage large burlwood brass mirror on Etsy

[ vintage large burlwood brass mirror, $285 ]

Milo Baughman barrel back chair on Etsy

[ Milo Baughman barrel back chair, $285 ]
If only the shipping wasn’t more than the chair…boo…

So what do you think? Are you with me on this one?  (And should we start a support group?)


Erika Brechtel

Erika Brechtel

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Desiring an online space to explore well-rounded, inspired content in all topics she loves most, Erika created 'The E List' (formerly the Small Shop blog) in 2010. When not enjoying an “occasional" glass of wine and wanderlusting for even warmer climates, Erika can be found sharing laughs with friends and family, and trying her very best to keep up with her 6-year old daughter (yet failing miserably).

  1. Are you aware of the Heartsy website? It’s like Groupon for Etsy! Daily Etsy deals. I’m addicted too!

  2. Amazing finds !! I want the gucci ashtray, the ice bucket and the Erin Ashley painting is stunning !! I dont think I would have been able to pass up those finds !


  3. Oh my goodness! How could you do this to me? As if I didn’t have enough favorite Etsy Shops! You so do not have a problem, just fantastic taste and style 😉 Thank you sooooo much for sharing!

      1. I’ll have to create a list for you…or, I think you can see my shops at Etsy? My profile name is STYLIST1, Tamara Conrad, see if that works!
        So did I miss something here, what shops did you find the ashtray, coasters, naps, YSL towels, ice bucket, etc. Did you post those on different blogs?

  4. OMG . . . no don’t stop!!! – these are all FABULOUS finds — I love everything you have found! No addiction and no problem that I can see he he he

  5. Love it all and I don’t want support – I love this addiction. It’s the cupcake one that I can’t get rid of…
    e (modern24seven.blogspot.com)

  6. you do have a problem and now I’m hooked too! ; ) You’ve got great taste and thanks for sharing. ahhh! Enjoy your awesome objects, Erika!

  7. You have a great eye! When I’m on etsy, I get overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of stuff and then I bail, which is probably good for me but I’m jelly of all your amazing stuff.

    1. It does take some endurance. A lot of the time my eyes are barely open scrolling through all the crap. And let me tell you, when you enter in “1970s decor” as your search term, 30% of the stuff is OWLS. I didn’t realize owls were so popular then!

  8. where did you find your brass mushroom lamp?? Is that what you call them? It’s beautiful! Very Kelly Wearstler… Love your blog, just stumbled upon it today (and it’s already bookmarked!)

  9. Im admiring your Erin Ashley painting again !! I was looking on her etsy page earlier and she has a really pretty yellow and grayish piece but there is just something about yours !!


  10. not to bother you again – but do you know a good place to buy empty Hermes orange boxes? I try ebay but hardly find them!!


    1. Oh my gosh NO bother at all! I love all inquiries!
      I got mine through craigslist of all places! I’ve seen some recently too, if I remember I’ll send your way…

  11. I did a whole post lately dedicated to cushions on Etsy! Yes, I am also an addict. Btw, that pink chair n your post – WOW! I have a feeling though that shipping to NZ might be just a tad prohibitive!