Office Gallery Wall: A Few of My Favorite Things

It’s getting there!

I wrote a post a few weeks ago how inspired I was to create a gallery wall in my office, using my Erin Ashley painting as the centerpiece (it’s a big wall). I made some progress last week, but I’ve been so caught up with deadlines this week that I haven’t been able to take very good photos of it. These will have to do for now!

Office Gallery Wall

[ L to R: Hermès scarf image; vintage Vogue illustrations;
painting by me (I hope to replace it); painting by Erin Ashley;
Warhol’s DVF portrait; Leighton’s scribble; my sketch of Trevi Fountain;
two of Leighton’s recent paintings ]

Office Gallery Wall

[ I recently purchased the colored pencil set from
Jayson Home & Garden. LOVE IT!!! ]

Office Gallery Wall

 [ The other vintage brass lamp is currently residing in my dining room;
The black box with clear acrylic top was a Target buy —
so handy for fave business cards I’ve collected through the years! ]

Office Gallery Wall: vintage Vogue illustrated covers

[ I do love fashion sketches — these are from a calendar my mom gave me for Christmas,
but I have some others from vintage magazines I’ve purchased that I may use instead. ]

Office Gallery Wall

[ Some of my everyday essentials, and inspiration. ]

Office Gallery Wall: Trevi Fountain sketch

 [ I did this sketch in a hurry when we were in Rome
for our honeymoon. If you’ve ever been there in the summer,
it’s crazy crowded so I needed to be quick about it! ]

I really tried to make it as D.I.Y. as possible, using sketches and paintings I had, plus a few images from books and a calendar I own. All frames and mattes are off-the-shelf from Aaron Brothers. Once I get the rest of the office done, I’ll be sure to share more pics of the whole space — and I’m sure this wall will keep developing and growing! Actually, I’d love to make it a revolving art wall of Leighton’s pieces, and perhaps some of mine. Fun, right?


Erika Brechtel

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  1. You know I have always loved that painting, and the brass lamp, and the lucite sculptures, etc. and so forth… hahaha I love the pale gray on the walls too. It looks amazing!
    -e (

    1. I think I lightened up the photos too much– the walls are actually a medium toned warm gray. Oh well!

  2. Once again with the Erin Ashley painting ! Now I am even more in awe with the pieces you hung around the painting. The wall looks amazing. Serious inspiration for me and my soon to be new office!


  3. Hi Erika, I just love your blog! This latest post is great. Love your gallery wall and really want to do something similar on one of my currently far too bare white walls! Thanks for stopping by Stylish Irish and leaving your comments. Would love you to follow. Claire

    1. Hi Claire, thank YOU for stopping by! I love checking out new blogs of those with similar tastes! It’s fun, isn’t it?

  4. My goodness this is stunningly elegant and pretty all at once! Your sketch of the fountain is enchanting ~ don’t replace it in a hurry!

    I love the grey wall colour you have picked, because it forms a wonderful backdrop to the brighter pinks and golds.

    1. Thank you, I wish the true color had come through, it’s a pretty medium shade of warm gray. I tried out like 6 paints before choosing this one–the perfect shade!

  5. Hi! Erin Ashley here- I love love love this! Thanks so much, my art “Sweet Karma” looks great, you did such a great job with it. I wanted you to know and any others that may like a “Sweet Karma” painting I do have another one I painted! I got a lot of request for this piece, it’s not exact but no two paintings are. You can find it for sale on I also have a print of the original thats on gallery warp canvas for sale there too! You’re the best, THANK YOU!!!

    1. Wonderful, thanks for sharing this! It’s very popular and I get compliments on it all the time! Job well done.

  6. Just stumbled upon your blog and I’m hooked. Just bought my first house and am so inspired by your work. Could you share the paint color on your office wall please? Thanks!