Thrift Store Score: 1970s Brass Étagère

Hello lover…

How stoked was I to find this exact same piece in a thrift store down the street, for $90? Brass is in great condition, all glass shelves intact!

ModFruGal brass etagere

Prior to purchasing, I came home to show husband my find compared to pricey versions like those on 1stdibs. Understandably, he was a little frightened of its fabulousness (as my friend said, “it’s not for everyone,” LOL). Lo and behold, found the same one on I looked around on her site more, and was so impressed with what she has done with her own home, I had to share! She does her legwork, going to flea markets and estate sales, and really finds some beauts to restore. Be sure to check out her “before” pictures from the remodel, and her DIY furniture projects…you’ll be impressed too!

ModFruGal entry

ModFruGal living room

ModFruGal living room

ModFruGal shelf detail

ModFruGal desk

ModFruGal dining room

ModFruGal dining room

ModFruGal kitchen

ModFruGal kitchen

ModFruGal exterior

ModFruGal outdoor seating

Her DIY “tush cush” project:

ModFruGal DIY tush cush

Her refurbished faux lacquered table project:

ModFruGal DIY orange lacquer table

I’ll definitely be doing her “cola and Noxon” treatment to my new étagère to shine it up properly.

And be on the lookout for a few new photos once I get this stunner in my office and properly styled!

p.s. Those slits on the bottom shelf…for RECORDS…heh heh…


Erika Brechtel

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  1. Oh- thank you! I stumbled upon her site months ago, and then when I wanted to reference something I had seen there later on, I couldn’t find her again. This is exciting.

    AND what a GREAT find! Love those brass pieces.

  2. Between the artwork and the tolix I am utterly smitten.

    … and what a find for you!! So glad the hubs went for it. Cannot wait to see how you style it. I have no doubt it will look stunning.

    oh and PS I have started a record collection. I have about 30. But NO record player yet. LOL. Sad, quiet records!

  3. Oh, I love it and I love her style! What a great deal – I love it when I find something like that. I cannot WAIT to see it in your house! Please do it today and send a million pics….
    -e (

  4. How cool. I cannot wait to see how it looks in your room ! I love brass. Her DIY’s are amazing…I am jealous. I want to get better at DIY’s and finding unique pieces !


    1. It really seems like a lot of work, but I would think well worth it. I do really love the eBay lamps we refurbished, and it wasn’t all that hard or expensive to do!