Rainbow Brights

rainbow clutch on epaulet

Happy happy joy joy

Growing up in Hawaii, seeing rainbows was a daily delight.  And count me amongst those that will always think of the University of Hawaii’s true mascot as the ‘Bows. So I may have a soft spot for rainbows, which would explain why I get quite cheery spotting these fun applications of my colorful childhood friend…

rainbow yarn wrapping via abrams books

 rainbow rice krispies via raspberri cupcake

rainbow flowers via going to make it mine

rainbow popsicles via zoku home

rainbow layer cake via craftzine

rainbow cake pops by velvet cream bakery

rainbow dots straws by shop sweet lulu

rainbow friendship bracelet by the math lady on etsy

colorful book styling via one kings lane

rainbow louis chairs via roost home

melanie mikecz illustration

rainbow flor tiles via mimi+meg

clutch, floor, yarn, rice krispies, flowers, popsicles, cake,
cake pops, straws, bracelet, books, chair, art, carpet tiles

Happy Monday!


Erika Brechtel

Erika Brechtel

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  1. Such a happy collection of images – these lovely rainbows have such a childhood innocence that they would brighten anybody’s day. Especially that floor – yummo – walking on rainbows. Wonder if it leads to the pot of gold….

  2. How cute is that string wrapping?
    But my favorite must be those CHAIRS! The best example yet of taking serious furniture not at all seriously.

  3. How cute ! The floor in the second image is SO cute…and love that bookshelf! I want all the rainbow desserts 🙂 Happy Monday!


  4. Pretty wonderful. I’d say the art has to be my favorite.
    So jealous you grew up in Hawaii!! Wow, I would love to go some day.

  5. i love EVERYTHING!! does anyone know how to create a floor like the fun stripes in the Kate Spade store? paint? tape? i want it!!

  6. RE: the floor — asked the husband (architect) and he thinks it’s vinyl applique, and not painted. Anyone else have an idea how it’s done??

  7. What’s not to love about these colorful inspirations you’ve put together here?!?! Especially digging that color-coded bookshelf!