Tropical Walls

Papered, painted, framed…and famous…

An island girl at heart, I will always love the easy feelin’ of a leafy green room. The look of Palm Beach, Palm Springs or just plain palm trees all get me immediately relaxed (plus a cocktail in hand doesn’t hurt). I’d most definitely take a stay-cation in any of these rooms:

John Loecke bedroom via One King's Lane

[ John Loecke via One King’s Lane ]

Cole & Son tropical wallpaper via Amber Interiors

[ Cole & Son wallpaper via Amber Interiors ]

tropical fern wallpaper white bathroom

Love the crisp clean with just a touch of the tropics. Looks like a spa.

tropical wallpaper mirrored vanity glam lucite stool

IMHO, this is how you do it.
[ I’ve had this image saved for so long, I lost the source. Anyone? ]

palm fronds painted living room via the lennoxx

Simple, yet effective.
[ by Robert Couturier via The Lennoxx ]

mdesign office jungle wall

Love the bold move balanced by neutral sophistication.
[ by mdesign ]

I had to enlist the help of my girl Elizabeth at Modern 24/7 because I am embarrassed to say I was not fully aware of the fame that the Martinique wallpaper has so accumulated. Originally designed by Don Loper for the Beverly Hills Hotel in 1941, it has enjoyed a successful career of celebrity sightings, installs and screen time over the past 70 years, wouldn’t you say? The power of a graphic pattern…

Beverly Hills Hotel: Martinique wallpaper in coffee shop

[ The Coffee Shop at The Beverly Hills Hotel ]

Indochine Restaurant Martinique in New York City

Martinique takes Manhattan.
[ Indochine ]

Nate Berkus living room Martinique via Elle Decor

The mix of gold, black, white, fur and Martinique is pure heaven to me.
[ Brian Atwood & Nate Berkus’ living room via Elle Decor ]

Nate Berkus dining room Martinique via Elle Decor

[ Brian Atwood & Nate Berkus’ dining room via Elle Decor ]

mdesign Martinique powder room

Perfect in a powder room.
[ by mdesign ]

Martinique kitchen

Suddenly makes this small kitchen feel open-air.
[ via The Estate of Things on flickr ]

Nicky Hilton's Martinique dining room via InStyle

Pink will always pair perfectly.
[ Nicky Hilton’s dining room in InStyle ]

Golden Girls Blanche's bedroom

I have a feeling, this Martinique saw a lot of action.
[ The Golden Girls ]

Tropical walls add a lot of punch, don’t they? 


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  1. Love these tropical rooms. They’re making me wish I had a vacation planned this summer; to be honest I’d be wishing I had a vacation planned either way though… 🙂

  2. Love the golden girls! They were very ahead of their time, apparently. And Nicky Hiltons pink and green is fabulous

  3. I love that even though there are a million patterns, textures, shapes, and colors going on in these rooms they aren’t busy, but instead have a calm energy perfect for a vacay! Great recap of Martinique’s career!

  4. I was finally able to make my way to the Coffee Shop at the Beverly Hills Hotel last summer. Couldn’t help but touch the wallpaper. Love that you included The Golden Girls.

  5. I think I might be the only blogger who doesn’t love this look. I can appreciate the collection of images you included, but it doesn’t make my heart go pitter patter. Don’t shoot me 😉

    1. Of course not! It’s definitely a busy, bold look, and somewhat traditional. There is no way my husband would ever let me do anything remotely close to this anyway!

  6. You know I love it with the modern 70’s glam elements like Nate does it! You, Sabz, and I are totally the Golden Girls! I get to be the slut Blanche…
    -e (

    1. Ha ha awesome. Yes Nate/Brian’s pad is to die for. That’s definitely in the “fave rooms” folder.

  7. It all reminds me of Dorothy Draper and Carleton Varney and the mad patterns at the Greenbrier. LOVE!

  8. I was honestly looking for fabric in banana leaf print, now this post with all these pretty prints, does anybody recommend a fabric designer that has it? xo

  9. I love Martinique!!! I cannot get enough of it. I really wanted a large panel for my home office because there is no way my husband would let me go that Hollywood elsewhere in our house. I didn’t realize it was in the Golden Girls – that makes me love it even more!

  10. You should check this little hotel (Hotel Julamis) in old colonial Merida, Yucatan, Mexico.
    Each room and hallways feature free hand painted murals. They vary in styles from Morrocan (room Kabah) to Victorian floral prints, to South Beach Deco, completely wild!!
    I believe the owner is the responsible for such a beautiful place.

  11. Does anyone know what wallpaper it is in the third picture (spa)? I’d love to get it to my home. Absolutely beautiful!