Lela Rose’s Multi-Functional Modern NYC Loft

Now THIS is bringing your work home with you…

So I guess this is old news by now, but cut me some slack: I just saw it in my August 2011 issue of Lucky, and was so pleasantly impressed by the out-of-the-box thinking (literally) by Work Architecture Company that I felt compelled to share. I mean, come on, we don’t get to see a 6,000 sq. ft. triplex walk-down in a 1867 building in Manhattan turned into a family- and fashion show- friendly space every day! Sounds impressive, right? Let’s start with the living room and work our way around…

Lela Rose storefront/living room in NYT

Can’t get enough of these 16′ high ceilings, high gloss white floors, and 1960’s Pierre Paulin circular sectional! And did you notice the John Dickinson table (MDD watchers)?

Lela Rose's living room in NYT

The Wormley soda is upholstered in fabric used in one of her collections,
and that glass piece suspended up there–it drops down to become
part of one long dining table for 20 people…

Lela Rose's dining for 20 in NYT


Lela Rose dinner party in NYT

Or turn it into a catwalk for your latest fashion show…

Lela Rose catwalk via Savoir Flair

Or just an amazing entertaining space…

Lela Rose party via Work AC

Did I mention the equally amazing kitchen, draped in aubergine?

Lela Rose's kitchen in NYT

Check out the kitchen cabinets in this one…

Lela Rose's loft by Work AC

One last look around…

Lela Rose's loft by Work AC

In any case, this is the coolest space I’ve seen in a long time. Architect husbands agrees. If you’re into it too, I recommend checking out the photos of the other parts of the residence, (especially the section drawing) to see how it all comes together, on Work AC’s site.


Images via The New York Times, Work Architecture Company, and Savoir-Flair
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  1. Gorgeous photos!! I love the color aubergine- partially because it’s a great color and partially because I love saying “aubergine” with a French-ish accent. 🙂

  2. Omg ! This place is amazing…I cant believe that glass piece comes down from the ceiling…wow !! Really an amazing place!


  3. I do love the first two pics for a home but I think the showroom/fashion show/dining area is too commercial and architectural for a family with small kids. I don’t know. I loved it in Lucky, though. Great post!
    -e (modern24seven.blogspot.com)

    1. E – check out the other photos on the http://www.work.ac site. I think the architects did an amazing job with the challenges of the space and the client’s requirements. Plus working from home myself, I am partial, because to me this is like the ultimate way to take full advantage of an extremely cool space in Manhattan!

  4. This really is a fantastic multi-use space! I dream of being able to entertain like that one day… I love that the dining table comes together as one, but is made up of many different materials!

  5. Wow she’s really re-defining the living-work environment! I love the idea of my home also being my showroom. Though I better get a few messy-no-visitors-allowed rooms!

  6. WOW, this is my first time seeing her loft and I am in complete awe. That dining room table is unbelievable! i honestly do not think I’ve seen such a versatile space. but at the same time can feel like a cozy home. Incredibly well thought out and so innovative. Thanks for sharing.