Summer Style: Forget the Sundress!

Street Gawking…

Certain celebs are always a good style source for me: Kate Moss, Rachel Bilson, Jessica Alba and def. Nicole Richie come to mind. But it also never ceases to amaze me how many street fashion blogs there are out there, and how awesomely talented these bloggers are at putting together multiple ensembles and capturing them so effortlessly to share. There is much wardrobe inspiration to be had all over the blogosphere. Tell me, what are some of your faves?

Here are some seen-about-town looks I’m digging for summer, beyond my typical sundress uniform:

[ My contribution: my friend Alisha, and me in a Winter Kate dress ]

What other trends are you loving? I’ve been seeing the large floppy zip top clutch everywhere and I don’t think I can resist any longer. I just have to have one!

Hope you have a stylish weekend ahead of you!


Images collected on Pinterest, The Lonely Wife Project and
Erika Brechtel

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  1. Red skinnies- need some! Loving the slouchy shirt/maxi combo and flowing dresses. Your Winter Kate dress is killer. Those sleeves- WOW!

  2. I have yet to find the perfect pair of cut-offs. Also I love the billowy minis- I hadn’t given them much thought before.

    Can’t get down with rompers though. I think they are adorable, but I feel immature and tubby when I try them on.

    1. Irene inspired me to cut off my boyfriend cargo pants — love the fresh take on the cut-offs!

    1. OMG I totally tried today but it turned out completely ridiculous. Ah well, I gave it a shot!

  3. Lovee these picks! I’ve been craving cranberry colored skinnies for fall and then of course BLUSH everything. You look radiant in this picture! Have a fantastic weekend Erika!