Latest Living Room Thoughts: Organic Modern Neutral Glam?

Whatever we’re calling this recent trend, I’m totally digging it…

Follow up to last week’s post about using light blue to freshen up white/black/chrome/gold (à la the latest issue of Lonny), I’ve landed on a new scheme for our living room. Best thing about it is, there are only a few new pieces — the husband and wallet are grateful! And while I may not be able to repaint our walls light blue, I can paint a large canvas to put over the couch. Only problem now is I’m not totally sure what to call this style I seem to be so inspired by…

The old:
Room & Board charcoal gray sleeper sectional sofa, white Barcelona chair,
Saarinen tulip side table, fluted glass column lamp, vintage NY subway sign

Recent buys:
Beni ourain rug, Nate Berkus for HSN Moroccan-style lantern,
Tom Ford and Kate Moss by Mario Testino books, vintage Gucci ashtray (Etsy)

The new:
Faux gazelle horns*, West Elm mongolian lamb pillows and frosted foil pillow,
Sonneman pharmacy brass floor lamp, D.I.Y. 48″ x 36″ painted canvas

Not shown:
Dark walnut floors, tan walls, mahogany c-table ( = the “organic” factor),
chrome x-base glass coffee table (for now)

So, what do I call this look, do you think? I should probably throw in Minimalist in there too. It’s never-ending isn’t it? Help!


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Erika Brechtel

Erika Brechtel

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  1. This mood board describes my bedroom exactly, but I never had a name for it. I love it. It has elements of glam (sleek and shiny things), organic (animal and natural elements), and industrial (vintage accents). It is really easy to layer over time, and I never get tired of it (as long as I have an outlet for color elsewhere in the home).

  2. I have always flocked to your blog to find inspiration thats slightly off the beaten path. I love your mid-century/kelly wearstler-ish/bold colors/fabulous art style and I think this is also refreshing, to see some restraint with the neutrals. Your tendencies, I think you mentioned, veer toward Palm Desert and Palm Springs circa 60’s and I love that you said that. I never new how to categorize that kind of California chic. With this new neutral palette, it’s still SO regency, but just a bit pulled back and a little chrome. I wonder if you could call it the Neutral Regency, or Mid-Regency Neutral. 🙂 Whatever you do – keep doing it. Love it all!

    1. Hi Bethany! Thank you for the kind words! I would say my style has definitely matured to more of a 70’s vibe, but I will always have those regency/retro influences sprinkled throughout. And I’m sure in a few years, I’ll probably start going 80’s — ha!

  3. Oh what great inspirations in your mood board. I like the floor lamp and the massive canvas best. & I love your description “Organic Modern Neutral Glam” it fits perfectly.

  4. Its absolutely perfect ! But not quite sure what to call it…natural glam ! Ha…whatever you call it, its fabulous. Cant wait to see the finished product.


  5. You know what I think as I stalk you via email as well, but I think you should throw a couple of wood stumps in and call it a day. Perfect, as always. You are an amazing designer!
    -e (

  6. The canvas is such a perfect choice for this room, Erika! It pulls everything together, while adding that soft blue that you were wanting. It’s serene and modern at the same time. Great job! Oh, and props on the Gucci ashtray Etsy find- love it!

  7. Loving the neutral glam look. I can’t even get my own living room straight. It’s such a hodgepodge. Chairs I bought for our dining room are now in the living room and I kinda hate them all together.

    You’re right, it never ends. Sometimes I think if I had a bigger budget I’d get it right, but most likely I’d be even more stuck.

  8. It’s gorgeous! Have you completed the painting or is this just inspiration?

    I admire your ability to edit. Your space is so chic! I’m not quite so controlled.

  9. Maybe call it MetroGlam? It is very masculine with the charcoal gray & lines of the barcelona chair, but at the same time very girly glam with the metallic and soft material touches. I can see a man being happy in the space as well as a woman. Whatever it is, I love it 🙂