Sparkle Me Pretty

Struck by sequins and pretty shiny things

Obviously I have a soft spot for a little glitter in my life. And after seeing so many sparkling examples of how to wear it right, I’m feeling the need for more. I’m especially loving it mixed with a softer material or looser fit. With a slight sheer it’s even sexier…

A birthday look for me?


Image sources on my Pinterest board
Erika Brechtel

Erika Brechtel

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  1. The gold shorts up top have been on my mind for a while and paired with a sweater is beyond cute!

  2. There is ALWAYS room for more glitter in my life! I’ve already been contemplating a sequin long sleeved mini for this years holiday party. The question now is silver or gold. Some of your “get the look” dresses are making the list as party potentials!

  3. Love the sparkle! I just used one of those same images for a post later this week. Great minds think alike?! Let’s go shopping!

  4. You know I love a good dose of sparkle as well !! Loving all the sparkly shorts…would make a fabulous bday outfit !


  5. Oh man, I JUST realized that I need sequin shorts in my life.

    Sorry I’ve been MIA… this week has been nuts. Looks like you’ve been up to extra work too. Off to check out your guest post gigs.


    1. Hi VT, I’m not sure! You wouldn’t be surprised that this image gets hundreds of clicks a day and I feel so bad that I don’t know the original source! You know Pinterest and Tumblr, it’s next to impossible to find it sometimes. :o(

      1. It’s French Connection – Princess Stretch Sequin Dress if you still wanted to know. It’s old but but try eBay, or ASOS have a similar one.