OFFICE ENVY: Who What Wear

Let’s be honest, how about “Life Envy”…

In the U.S., summer vacation is over; it’s time to get back to work! These pics on The Coveteur of Who What Wear’s Katherine Power and Hillary Kerr’s L.A. offices may help us do so. The talented ladies of WWW incorporate pops of pretty and high-style within a typical corporate, white box setting. It’s really no surprise that they are just as adept at accessorizing bookshelves and décor as they are at styling outfits. I’m certainly inspired.

[ Mirror in the fireplace — love! ]

[ Great way to show off your mag collection. ]

[ Love the use of the antique lamp next to modern technology. ]

[ Vintage Chanel ad ]

[ Katherine’s inspiration board — I need those lamps I think! ]

[ So many ideas here/below for that guest post for walks with Bella last week ]

[ I use my Pantone swatches in a similar way,
but I may need to do this too! ]

[ Have I told you yet I got my very own iMac finally? Love it! ]

[ Hillary’s inspiration board — and those lamps again. ]

Great, now I want to redo my office. Sigh.

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  1. Lots of great ideas here! Your guest post got me to give my bookshelves a shot over the weekend. They look much better but these shelves are really pretty too! I like seeing where creative people make things happen. The boards are neat too.

  2. I starting pinning these images for inspiration and then quickly realized i just needed to bookmark the entire page. Love those gold lamps and well pretty much everything you touched on. Redoing my office area is on my list! Thank you again for guest posting for me!

  3. I love The Coveteur. I wish they would take more pics of the people’s homes instead of just putting a shoe on a lamp like they tend to do – more wide shots of the whole space or closet!
    -e (

  4. I’m so stealing the idea of putting my nail polishes in a clear glass vase. Looks so artsy with all the colors. And the bookcase styling is so good. The black one is my favorite.

  5. I’m so in love with this! The first pic is my absolute favorite…something about the way it all flows together just has my heart! PS- Yay you’re a Mac owner!!! We just purchased our second after having our first for almost five years without one problem. You will never go back!

  6. The first time I saw these photos, I was at my very poorly designed office, sitting in my cubicle that was probably built in 1965. I had to literally close the browser tab because looking at that amazing office made me depressed to be sitting in such an ugly one! The Coveteur nailed it with these photos… SO inspiring!

  7. Definitely have some serious office envy !! The bookshelves and the inspiration boards are SO fabulous. I am pretty happy though because I found a gold wheat sheaf table-identical to the one in the first photo this weekend !!


  8. Picture after picture I had an “Ohhh Ahhh” moment. I too love the vintage feel of the lamp paired with the very sleep Mac on the desktop. Bright, cheery offices are always my fax. Espesh when they have just enought colored clutter to breath life into the room. Sweet!