(MAJOR) DESIGN CRUSH Daun Curry, Modern Declaration

O.M.G. seriously??

About a month ago I received an e-blast with a design magazine, D-Pages; not really knowing what it was, I clicked. Am I soooo glad I did, because I was introduced to this phenomenal talent, Daun Curry of Modern Declaration. I’m sure you must have heard of her and I’m just catching on, because clearly she is beyond good. Her glam-meets-artful-sophistication style is very New York (and very me, hello), but she’ll surprise you with little unexpected touches. I’m particularly digging how she can mix so many details and styles into a space and keep it visually very clean. Take a look:

Am I right, or am I right? Every piece, every finish, so well thought out. I mean, really.

Erika Brechtel

Erika Brechtel

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  1. Wow ! Those are some seriously stunning rooms ! Cant believe how fabulous they all are. She is pretty amazing. I am in love with pretty much every single room.


  2. Um, I’m here to catch in with you. This girl’s crazy good. That knit looking area rug thing? Holy guacamole. I love that snakeskin mirror with the blue ceiling too. She’s a good mixer.

  3. Great find! Everything about the first photo blows me away. Visual texture is AMAZING, and I also love that the wallcovering is reflected in the high gloss black tables, so it makes it seem like the pattern repeats forever.

  4. She gives good rug!

    HA- I crack myself up. But seriously, she knows how to choose good materials, and I particularly fancy the flooring choices.

  5. Thank you all for your kind words about my designs! Thank you Erika for posting my work on your blog. Your blog is great! If you are interested in keeping up with my work and my company, Modern Declaration, “like” our page on Facebook, follow us on Twitter @MDeclaration, and take a look at my blog http://www.moderndeclaration.com/blog/. We’ll be happy to return the favor!
    Thank you so much!

  6. um, hello? That beige apartment with chrome bookshelves??? So us! Even if I think some of the spaces are too over the top for me, I can appreciate when someone is doing something different than everyone else and celebrate unique talent. Thanks for introducing me to a new designer!
    -e (modern24/7)