BLACK ON WHITE: Bold Artsy Walls

Beyond the beloved stripe…

How was your weekend? Mine was busy fun — hosted a brunch for a few friends, and had a blast at an engagement party for my sister-in-law. I also finally got to sift through the new Lonny magazine, and was excited most about a black tape installation in a white walled hallway. Then was reminded of other cool black on white wall treatments I’ve seen around. Would you ever do a bold, unconventional wall pattern in your home?

Blair Clarke's taped wall by Sun K. Kwak, Lonny, Sept/Oct 2011

[ Taped wall installation by Sun K. Kwak ]

Bergdorf Goodman painted hall via molly loot

[ At Bergdorf Goodman, via molly loot ]

Jennifer Ferreria

[ Jennifer Ferreira ]

Tenka Gammelgaard

[ Tenka Gammelgaard’s studio ]

Tenka Gammelgaard

This is the floor, but how cool — like spotted fur.

I am still considering doing something like this for our powder room — a blank canvas, waiting to be painted!

p.s. Couldn’t be happier about Modern Family, Mad Men AND Kate Winslet winning last night!

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  1. Love the bold walls…the third photo is one of my favs. I would love to do something like that but think it will have to wait until I have a place of my own and not renting ! Love the spotted floor as well.


  2. I realized recently that I’m better off leaving any bold patterns and colors to accessories rather than walls so I can change them out easily. Last year, I almost went with wallpaper and I’m so glad I didn’t. But powder rooms are great for this kind of thing!

  3. Loving the Jennifer Ferreira look. Reminds me of that Kelly Wearstler entry way (the pink one…you know which one I mean). I would totally do this in my home, if I had the right room. It’s only paint, why not??

  4. Loved the taped wall when I saw it in Lonny. I bet you could take a color you like and just splatter it like crazy in there and it would look awesome like that – huge horizontal splatters. Cover the floor first and the toilet and sink will be easy to wipe off! hahaha
    -e (