IN LOVE: Jamie Bush

He knows me so well…

Jamie Bush‘s One King’s Lane sale (going on now!) reminded me that I had a bunch of photos saved for that Dream Home I conjured up for La Dolce Vita a few months back. Going through the images again, it’s a love renewed. They are so very Southern Cal, very 1970’s in contemporary spaces, and infused with really special pieces. Take a gander, and become enraptured too:

[ This scene: what I want my life to be like. In a nutshell. ]

[ I am definitely going to get those upholstered brass arm chairs
at my local thrift store, like tomorrow. I can’t resist any longer! ]

[ The reveal details and concrete block wall are just plain hot! ]

[ Great way to update a retro-ish bathroom. ]

[ This chandelier is on the One King’s Lane sale! ]

[ Still loving this view…all of it. ]

[ Platner. Saarinen. They’re all here. ]

[ I have never wanted something so impractical as a rattan pouf until now. ]

[ I wanted that painting in the sale! Someone else nabbed it. Boo. ]

[ The mix of pieces in this office space is just yummy. ]

[ This is the house style that is my dream…someday, I am determined!! ]

Speaking of La Dolce Vita, another edition of my column Design Under the Influence will be up today at 12pm PDT! I’ll be discussing “Color Theory & The Rothko Experience” — please join me over there, and perhaps get a different perspective on the artist and his art!

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. That first image is absolutely dreamy. I do believe that your dream home looks very much like my husband’s dream home. I love the look, but can’t let go of my dream of a huge bungalow style front porch!

  2. This is, without a doubt, by far, without question, no really, the most amazing style that ever lived … ok. that might be pushing it 🙂 BUT i dream of owning a house like this one day … love this post.

  3. I’ve had jamie’s projects saved forever. Such good inspiration. For me it’s a lttle modern- need to add some French or neo-trad elements. But so good !

    And yes, buy the dang chairs already!

  4. OMG. There is too much amazingness going on right now!!! This is my dream home to the T. Thanks for sharing these gorgeous images. My mind is spinning right now with ideas…and I too am wondering what those brass chairs look like 😉 Can’t wait to see what you do next!