GIVEAWAY! Vintage Chanel Ad

From a December 1955 VOGUE!

Thank goodness it’s Friday. I’ve had quite a busy week, how about you? Whew. Let’s all celebrate the weekend’s arrival with this fun giveaway I cooked up!

I’ve mentioned before, I have a collection of vintage fashion magazines that I’ve purchased over time from Paper Pursuits. When you buy the issues online, you don’t really know everything that’s going to be included. So it’s exciting to flip through each lovely page and spot an ad or an editorial spread that’s completely amazing. Lucky for you, I’ve done the work and found that spectacular page: a classic 1955 Chanel No. 5 ad!

Personally, I love it on a dresser next to your favorite perfumes, or on a nightstand tucked behind a lamp, or mingled in on a bookshelf, or above an entry hall console, or sitting atop a fab bar cart, or hanging proudly on a gallery wall. (Or would make an amazing gift, holiday shoppers!) Just a few ideas:

[ Who What Wear offices ]

[ via dress, design & decor ]

[ Robert Passal via The Zhush ]

[ Lauren Gold via Lonny ]

[ Society Social ]

Mary McDonald in Domino

[ Mary McDonald’s (old) office wall in Domino ]

To enter, be a new or current follower of small shop on twitter orΒ Facebook, and comment below that you are, plus let me know where you would put this if you won (or who you’d give it to…if that’s even an option!). For extra entries, follow small shop on Pinterest, Lyst, Bloglovin’ and/or Tumblr. Comment for each extra entry — lots and lots of chances to win!

Winner will be announced next Friday, 11/11/11! Good luck, or bonne chance!

**Frame not included (don’t want to ship it!). Full ad size is about 10×13, with the ad area being 9×12. Would be perfect in an off-the-shelf 10×13, 11×14 or 16×20 frame.

Erika Brechtel

Erika Brechtel

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  1. I’m following you on twitter! I would put this in my new bedroom, on the wall going into my closet!

  2. New to your blog….thank you, it’s so beautiful. Am “following” on twitter, and I absolutely love b/w photography particularly vintage ads. I would hang it in my powderoom for a nice girly touch.

  3. I’m following you on Pinterest. I would prop this beautiful print on my bedside table behind my lamp and leopard tray that holds magazines, books, and various goodies:)

  4. I already fallow you on Facebook and Twitter, sweetheart. Would lean it on dresser in bedroom or storage cart in bath with the jewelry and perfume, like you suggested. So make sure I win! xoxoxxo
    -e (modern24/7)

  5. I would put this gorgeous ad on my bedroom dresser, thanks for the opportunity to win!

    I am a follower on facebook and pinterest!

  6. I would love to look at this everyday on my bathroom shelf.

    I’m following on facebook and pinterest.

  7. WANT. NEED. And thank you for the intro to Paper Pursuits. I LOVE this kind of stuff. I’m sure I’ll be able to find all kinds of goodness in vintage mags for framing. But in the meantime, I hope in win! This would definitely be added to my gallery wall at home!

  8. I’m a facebook and pintrest follower! I recently moved and have an empty nightstand just waiting to be dressed up with vintage Chanel!

  9. I’ve been a Pinterest follower and just liked you on facebook. I’m about to move so the options on where to put this are endless!

  10. Great giveaway! I think id be a nice sister and give it to my little sis for the holidays πŸ™‚

    I follow you on twitter! @Queenjord

    Fingers crossed!

  11. I’ve been following you on facebook =) I would put this on my New York wall (yeah, yeah, I know it’s French, but the NY wall is above the bar, all black and white πŸ˜‰ It will eventually end up in my “dressing room”, when I get one. Now off to Pinterest!

  12. Oh it’s gorgeous Erika! I would put it in my future “mom cave” / dressing area, but for now it would be propped under a painting that’s above my dresser in my bedroom. I’m following on Facebook & Twitter!

  13. Well, you know me Erika… definitely a follower!! I would LOVE to place this gorgeous print on my dresser similar to the style of your photo above. I’m not holding my breath but it sure would be nice.

  14. DYING to win this. I looooove it. Would look so great in my new office. YES, PLEASE!!!! Following you on twitter and everywhere I can be! xo

  15. oh man. you are such a doll for doing this giveaway! you know this would be perfect for the new house!! either in my soon-to-be office or on my fancy pants side of the bed. and i’m about to get a bajillion entries by default πŸ™‚

  16. This have been on my wish list forever! Would look perfect on my console table vignette along with a vintage LV print I have! Following on Twitter and FB!

  17. This have been on my wish list forever! Would look perfect on my console table vignette along with a vintage LV print I have! Following on Twitter and FB!

    Following on Pinterest for an extra entry!

  18. I LOVE this print! I would for sure put it in the Master Bedroom! Im a follower on pinterest and your on my blogroll πŸ™‚

  19. Just started following you on FB. I would make it the center piece of a collection of other smaller frames on my bedroom wall.

  20. Following small shop on bloglovin’. I would set it next to a horizontal stack of books in my office bookcase to add height & a touch of classic elegance!

  21. I am a follower on facebook and as a past client, one of the biggest fans of your work πŸ˜‰ I would actually give this to my mother-in-law who is one of the classiest ladies I know who has worn Chanel too many years to count.

  22. Hi Erika!!

    I am following you on Facebook. I love this giveaway! I would place it next to my vanity where I get ready every day…perfumes, mirrors, makeup. Nearby is my prized photograph of Brigitte Bardot from the photog Jacques Heripret…and this piece would add to my feminine inspiration. πŸ™‚

  23. I would put it in my closet next to a beautiful gold mirror from my grandma. The only girly room in the house with a husband and two boys! πŸ™‚

  24. The beauty belongs in my dressing room, with her other friends Hermes, Gucci, and Tiffany. It will hang with pride as the chandelier bounces its glamorous light off the reflection….CC would be proud.

  25. I follow you on Facebook! If I had this beauty in my home, I think I’d put it in my bathroom. I have decorated my bathroom with a gray and white theme with lots of feminine touches that I think this ad would complement perfectly! I have a blank wall next to my sink where I have not yet hung any artwork, and I believe this would be the perfect piece to complete my bathroom πŸ™‚

  26. oh my word! I have wanted one forever! I follow you on pinterest and facebook! I would add this to my vanity/dressing area and it would look smashing! I am dying over it! love your blog!

  27. Oh I want it !! I have a black and white theme going on my entryway console and this would look fabulous with the abstract pieces I have leaning against the wall…like in the sixth photo !! And it would look perfect in the black west elm 20 x 200 frame I have waiting for something pretty to go inside !


  28. I already follow you on Twitter and I think I would give it to my daughter for Christmas. Her degree is in Cosmetics and Fragrance.

  29. I would love to say that I would be super sweet and give it to someone I love…but let’s be honest, I totally want it for myself in my closet/dressing area (c: I know, I’m a brat (c: Thanks for the fabulous giveaway, girl!

  30. I’d love to have this vintage Channel ad because a girl should always be two things: classy and fabulous. Oh and I’d put this in my bedroom or home office space.
    I follow you on Pinterest, Facebook & Twitter – I’m not on the rest or I’d follow you there too πŸ™‚
    xo Miriam

  31. Now following you on Pinterest. I would put this fabulous, chic Chanel ad in my bedroom-by or on my nightstand.

  32. I love vintage ads and this one is gorgeous. I would display it in my bedroom, possibly on the shelf behind my bed, next to my jewellery tree.
    P.S. I was already following your blog via Google Reader.

  33. Now following on Facebook and Pinterest! My grandmother just passed and I acquired some beautiful vintage memories that I hold dearly, including a rather curious letter from Paramount Pictures dated May 19, 1937. Someone from their talent department wrote to my grandmother – “You have been suggested to us as one who might possess screen possibilities. We would like, therefore, to have a little talk with you…” It’s the bees knees! This vintage ad would be a perfect complement next to my now framed vintage letter.

  34. I’m already following you on pinterest and loving it! Hopefully that counts if I already was following. πŸ™‚ I’d put it in my future dressing room surrounded by all kinds of girly stuff – bracelets, jewelry boxes, etc…:)

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