SPANISH LOVELY: Modernista Suites, El Palauet

A refined eclecticism

While researching the latest post for my column on La Dolce Vita (live now!), I came across these incredible suites in Barcelona at the El Palauet. Saarinen, Platner, Jacobsen and Eames within a perfectly pretty European shell, all soft and neutral and yummy? I literally had to catch my breath.

At € 715,00 to € 930,00 per night, I won’t be able to bask in this luxury any time soon. But wow, what inspiration.

Be sure to check out the third installment of my “Design Under the Influence” column on La Dolce Vita today! One word: Platner…

Erika Brechtel

Erika Brechtel

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  1. That is one of my absolute fave things in the design world – super modern furnishings in a classically elegant architectural space. Stunning.
    -e (modern 24/7)

  2. le sigh… perfectly designed white room, so chic, so calm, SO CLEAN! obviously dogs are not allowed there right? I’ve always wanted to do more of an all white modern look in our home, but seeing the pup hair everywhere would drive me bananas. x

  3. OMG I so want to stay there. Those ceilings and the glass stained windows!!! Are you sure this is a hotel and not heaven???

  4. Love how modern and sleek those first two rooms appear, but once you look up it’s all ornate and gorgeousness.

    That bedspread is all purity in it’s white beauty.