"My Favorites" on Things That Sparkle + Gallery Wall Redux!

Are you sick of my house yet? (Say no!)

I am so honored that I get to show off a few bits of my home for Alex over at Things That Sparkle today! One item is a piece of art on my office gallery wall that I posted about a while back. Since then, I’ve added the 1970’s brass etagere, rearranged things around a bit, and moved my desk to that wall. So I thought it might be time to take a new photo:

I’m so lame though: I didn’t think to get the entire wall because I was so focused on the photos for my guest post – der! But I am sure I will be adding and swapping and rearranging again as I get used to this new desk arrangement…i.e. I already have a print from the I Am Project to add, and I just picked up a DwellStudio urchin for my desk! Another photo is sure to come. (p.s. isn’t my new iMac purdy?)

To see more new pics, go check out the “My Favorites” post on Things That Sparkle now! Or for those newbies coming over from there (hi!), you can take a house photo tour here!

Erika Brechtel

Erika Brechtel

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  1. Such a gorgeous desk! And the artwork is beautiful. It was such a treat seeing you over on Alex’s blog. Hope you’ll share more details soon!

  2. Love love love the new gallery wall and the purdy new iMac…have the same one sitting on my desk and SO love it !


  3. Love your desk space! Especially all the hints of gold throughout. Going over to Alex’s asap.

  4. Love your artwork arrangement, I’m putting a wall together right now and this great inspiration. Nicely done!

  5. Nom Nom, your office space looks so delicious!! I’ve been obsessing over the day I will finally get my hands on a brand new iMac 27”! Saving pennies… I love the art, I love the lamp, I love all the gold. You know I love that pencil holder (no I still haven’t bought it. Damn) – It’s all so you!

  6. Absolutely love your house tour! I’ve just purchased the LOVE print in gold, and can’t wait to frame it up in our new home. Loving your classy glamorous style. Thanks for sharing! x

  7. Love lovelove all the gilded frames…I’m a total sucker for anything gold and haute pink and there it is! That art piece totally reminds me of Kelly Wearstler’s commissioned mural from Lana Gomez sitting in her office, you’re right on trend!

    I actually just found your blog via Paloma’s (don’t know where I’ve been), literally devoured it in the last few hours and I have to say…you’re a gal after my own heart! Fashion, interiors, products…we have a very similar aesthetic with maximalist tendencies (modern and minimal, bleh!)…and we’re both from OC! Can you believe the Santa Ana’s this morn…ca ca Crazy!! Anyway, pleasure to meet you and the bloggy Erika, I’ll be back for more inspiration soon I’m sure 😀 Keep up the awesome work!

    Peace. Love. LOL!