Are you feeling it too?

We’ve decorated the house and yet I’ve felt like it needed a little punch — the neutral gold/silver/white on green is looking a little too predictable these days, don’t you think? I think I found the perfect addition that will give it what I need: adding black into the mix! Don’t you love how much black/white stripes make everything pop with a touch of green?

[ Vatel Manila ]

[ Ballard Designs via Atlanta Homes Magazine ]

[ Country Living ]

[ 1 ] Jonathan Adler salt & pepper shakers, $48 [ 2 ] Kate Spade “Larabee Road” tidbit plates, $80 [ 3 ] Crate & Barrel boxwood planter, $79.95 [ 4 ] Minted “Merry Stripes” card, $1.68 each [ 5 ] Washi tape, $9 [ 6 ] zig zag stockings, $25 [ 7 ] green satin ribbon, $6.95/10 yds. [ 8 ] Crate & Barrel Marimekko gift wrap, $7.95 , and black/white striped gift wrap, $9 [ 9 ] Vivaterra succulent wreath, $98

What’s your holiday decor inspiration this year?

With the closing of my stationery company, this is the first year that I haven’t designed my own (and many others’) Christmas cards. At first I was excited about all the extra free time, but grew quickly frustrated that so many online photo cards look the same! Have you noticed that too? Everyone used to tell me this, but I guess I never actually looked. So now I’m kinda sad.

Erika Brechtel

Erika Brechtel

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  1. erika ~ i agree that black is always a perfect addition to any color scheme {adds just the right amount of punch} love ballard designs ~ wishing you a happy monday πŸ˜‰
    xx ~ kristina

  2. Hi! This is slightly random, but I was browsing your almost-too-beautiful home tour and fell in love with the photo in your dining room (your first piece of art). Could you possibly share the artist’s details? x

  3. Black and white is so classic. Love the striped look too. Also classic. Mixed with green is a nice alternative to the typical green and red. Looks a little fresher too.

  4. Wow – all are just amazing! Great inspiration. My decorations this yr were straight out of the Martha Stewart Holiday Crafts book.. (stay tuned!) I would die for one of my dinner settings to ever look remotely like the one in that first shot!

  5. Ok, you just described the exact look of our holiday decor- “neutral gold/silver/white on green”…and thank you for finding an easy way to spice things up! πŸ™‚

  6. oh! green really spruce things up! will you add it to your decor! I am loving boxwood these late days..
    Regarding the stationary… any chance of re-opening?? I guess free time will always be un-free and we will sooner or later fill it up with something else so why not with something we love? why the sad?

  7. I am in love with these stripes!! What a simple way to turn Christmas decor to chic!!
    Those cards of your daughter is precious beyond words!! Looks like she gets that beauty form her momma!! πŸ˜‰

  8. The dining room by Ballard Designs is KILLER. Oh my lord I love everything about it. I have resisted the chevron trend a little bit just because it is EVERYWHERE but suddenly I feel the need to own a black and white chevron tablecloth. Oh my god I just noticed the ornaments in the pendant lights, how adorable. I’m smitten. πŸ™‚

    Sorry to hear you are bummed out about stationary. I didn’t know you used to have a stationary company (I am a pretty new follower after all), that’s super cool. I have yet to do the Christmas card shebang. I’m waiting until I’m hitched or have a more interesting life (whichever comes first). Haha. πŸ™‚ So even though you don’t have your company anymore, can’t you still design your own Christmas cards?

  9. this isn’t the first color combo I think of for the holidays, but I LOVE IT! that chevron tablecloth and those pretty little packages! perfect.
    I tend to play it safe with gold & silver but will give this a go for sure!

  10. I hadn’t stopped by in awhile and had to say hi. I love everything on your blog right now. It looks fab. Esp. this post! Happy Holidays to you!!!

  11. I know that Christmas is over, but since you and I share the same color scheme this year I thought I would give you a heads up on black and white striped paper at a great price. I use the stripes all year long, it is my signature wrap, I also have a herringbone that is very versatile. You can get a 180 ft bolt for under $20 at Nashville wraps. It last for a long time, I just ordered my second roll. Just thought you might like this resource, Happy New Year, 2012,