"Have Yourself A Sparkly Holiday" on Fashion Truffles!

Plus gift guide recaps for that last-minute shopping!

Happy Monday-before-Christmas! Can you believe it? I am happy to say after weeks of being blah about the holidays, I am officially into it. A trip to all-decked-out Disneyland with my daughter and a bunch of shopping over the weekend did the trick!

And today I get to share with you another fun “gift guide” over at Fashion Truffles! I was inspired by the fact that my Sparkle Me Pretty post has been getting 1000+ views every day for the past few weeks — I’d say people are really into the sequined look this season! I certainly love it, and I couldn’t think of a better place to share some of my ideas than with Viv on Fashion Truffles, who has such fantastic taste in all things fashion and decor! Dig her style. Go check her out!

[ on Fashion Truffles ]

Plus here’s a recap of all the various gift guides I’ve had floating around the blogosphere, for those last-minute shoppers (hey, I still need a few gifts too!):

[ right here ]

[ on The Eagle’s Nest ]

[ on Triple Max Tons ]

[ on MIMI+MEG* ]

I forgot how much I love buying gifts for other people! I think that has really helped me get into the spirit (finally!). And thank goodness for online shopping, as I got 90% of it done on Friday on my lunch break. Are you done with your shopping yet? Any last-minute dashes out and about?

*original graphic by MIMI+MEG

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  1. Loved having you on FT today!! All your gift guides are just amazing… I want one of each of those things! xx

  2. I love all your gift guides and already gifted myself the Guerlain powder spray – smells divine but has a bit of glitter in it! Don’t use on face – just on shoulders and chest…beautiful bottle, though. Hope you are having the best week…
    xoxox e (modern24seven)

  3. You’re so good at these gift guides, such great items displayed so beautifully, love them all and definitely feeling the sparkly look right about now!

  4. wow! These are amazing! There are so many things that I didn’t know I wanted!

    Honestly, that has been the hardest part of gifting this year, I have so many ideas for others, but none for myself! My husband, mother-in-law, and mother are exasperated with me to say the least 🙂