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As you may know, I’ve been working on my living room for quite some time. It’s been 90% there for a long while, and that 10% just keeps changing on me!! Lately, I’ve been drawn to rooms that have a bit more of a traditional feel to them, and this really surprises me. But I think it’s the sophistication of these spaces, mixed with gold/brass, mirrored furniture, fur, and large-scale art. There aren’t a lot of strong patterns – but these rooms are rich in texture…

[ Milo Baughman chairs + black/brass table + fur + a large photograph ]

[ tiger x-stools + round coffee table + large abstract art + casual pillows ]

[ fur + mirrored coffee table + leather club chairs + ethnic rug ]

[ more of the same goodness + large abstract art ]

*In that top photo, Design Darling posted about blowing up a travel photo and she totally got me pumped to tackle that 10% once and for all. I immediately grabbed my husband (b/c as you know when inspiration strikes, it’s clearly an emergency) and we flipped through photos he took of a train station in Portugal by architect Calatrava. Here’s the one we landed on, and I cannot wait to get this puppy up on our wall:

I’ve been working a revised board for the room too, which I will share next week. Hopefully my 2012 will get off to a productive start!

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  1. These rooms are fantastic! I especially like the photograph in the first one. And I’m the same way with my living room — it’s almost there but it needs a little something!

  2. cannot wait to see the finished product! no doubt you will design an amazing room! I just pinned the first and last inspiration photos…will refer back to those for sure once I start decorating

  3. Such an incredible idea! Now if only I could get to it before one memory outshines another! I’ve got lots of digging to do in my digital catalogs but this would look fantastic in my living room wall! You’ve always got the best tips for personalizing space…can’t wait to see that Calatrava piece styled in your home…I’m sure it’s gonna look MAHJOR!!!

    Hope you celebrated a fantastic Christmas…hope it’s just as festive for the New Year…Cheers Erika!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture

  4. I already told you that photograph is my jam. Now I am just hoping that my DBA (design bestie access) gives me a sneak peek as soon as possible. 🙂
    xoxox E (modern24seven)

  5. I love oversized art and I’m excited to see your version! I’m off to see that site for the details…I have so many memories from our time here in Europe that I would love to blow one up and enjoy it in style every day! Great post Erika and Happy New Year!

  6. I’m stealing one of these images for a future post. I love the idea of blown up travel pics. I even did a post once on blown up photos used to cover an entire wall, like the Novogratz tend to do. Framing our own photos makes art that much more personal.

  7. it’s going to look amazing! it’s a gorgeous photo. just the right bit of color for your space, showcases the architecture and will be a fab conversation piece for you. now can you come take care of my living room please? 🙂

  8. I have been wanting to do this too, but I’m totally out of wall space. I love the photo of yours you’ve chosen to use, I cant wait to see how it turns out.