THE GLOW // DwellStudio’s Christiane Lemieux

…inside her NYC loft…

Have you heard of The Glow? It’s a recent find for me, and I suppose if you are a mother like me, you’ll go goo-goo-ga-ga over the mommy ‘n baby shots and the ultra hip kids’ rooms and nurseries. But I think everyone can agree that the SoHo loft of DwellStudio’s Christiane Lemieux is altogether jaw dropping — and (I didn’t realize until I saw these) the backdrop for their Fall 2011 catalog we all loved so much!

Definitely feeling like this today…yay, it’s Friday! It’s been such a long week! But I’ve got that exciting photo shoot on Tuesday, so this weekend you can find me devouring more shots like these and obsessing over every styled nook and cranny in my home. (OK, well honestly, I do that anyway. Do you too?)

Hope you have a relaxing weekend!

all images by The Glow
Erika Brechtel

Erika Brechtel

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  1. Yep, just heard about it yesterday from Erika’s blog. I spent a considerable amount of time there! so many great snapshots. It really makes me wish I had my own personal photographer to follow me around and capture little moments like these between me and my daughter.

  2. oh these are great pictures! make me want to call a photographer and organize a photo shoot at home. Of course I am missing a lot of work at home to make that happen! ha this year, this year! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!! and rest a little 😉

  3. Her house is AMAZING!!! Every little detail is so perfect…And what a great photo shoot with her kids. Thanks for introducing all of us to The Glow- I don’t have kids yet but I know I’ll be there often 🙂 Have a great weekend Erika!

  4. I have always loved her loft – I will be thinking of you all weekend! Send me pics as you get ready for it!!!! (can you tell from the overuse of punctuation that I am super stoked?)
    xoxox e (modern24seven)

  5. Ummm Dream Space!!! I was tickled pink when I saw the disco ball at the end!! gotta incorporate that into es some how… I love the purple and that art on the wall… would look perfect in my loft!! Hello!! Who is the photographer??? off to investigate.

  6. Wow that is such a gorgeous apartment! And to have all of that in Soho is just lucky. I love the tree wallpaper down that long hallway. Also the disco ball-looks like her kids enjoy that a lot! I’m not surprised that she would have such a great apartment, since Dwell is such a stylish brand. I always love their stuff!

  7. I’m loving these images! My fave is the disco ball in the living room. Her home is stunning…it’s encouraging to see children and style coexist! 🙂

  8. What a great house – chic and sophisticated. The precious boy’s room makes me excited for decorating my grandson’s nursery when he’s a little older…adorable!!