JILL STUART // At Home. At Runway.

…pretty perfect…

Stumbled upon Jill Stuart’s phenomenal Manhattan apt. by architect Annabelle Seldorf, and couldn’t help but notice how the designer’s Spring 2012 line-up evokes a similar style: clean, modern, delicate, with thoughtful use of color.


Florence Knoll sofas; Candida Höfer photograph; Gabriella Crespi table; FontanaArte floor lamp

Vica armchairs upholstered in a Rogers & Goffigon fabric; Carini Lang rug; Geisha by Julian Schnabel; Donald Baechler sculpture; Dan Christensen painted-milk-glass panel

“Noires” by Ghada Amer; Poul Kjærholm vintage daybed

Carlo Scarpa chandeliers; Sue Williams abstract

Bulthaup cabinetry; Küppersbusch vent & hood; BassamFellows stool; framed wood-block print by Helen Frankenthaler

MDF Italia aluminum bed; Conran Shop lacquer sideboard; Vanderhurd Studio rug

Gio Ponti vanity; Thomas Ruff nude; Lynda Benglis sculpture


I’d be pretty inspired by that apartment too. What a dream!

Elle Decor photography by Simon Upton; runway images via Style.com


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  1. That rooftop just made me sick with jealousy. And that bedroom, with those windows! There are no words.

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    chelsea@bucketsandbunches.com' Chelsea says:

    Oh, love it. A kitchen with blue that isn’t kitschy is a rare find. I loved this collection, and I do see the parallels. xo

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    vivcarmona@gmail.com' viv says:

    Wow. That’s all I can say. I have fallen in love with this home!

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    jrosinus@gmail.com' Julia says:

    That home is perfection. And so is the runway collection. now if only I could afford one tiny item from her home or collection. Damn.

  5. wow, the apartment is absolutely beautiful. I think I’d probably ruin it, however, if I actually lived there. I’m a little messy with all my crazy crafting!

  6. i love the soft palette all over the house… beautiful!

  7. Beautiful! I love all the art in her place and am totally jealous of her roof-top terrace!

  8. What a total dream! I love how minimal everything appears with flashes of soft colors. Gorgeous!

  9. Could the view from that bedroom be any more insane? Wow. I don’t think I would ever leave my bed! Great find Erika!

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    thenowstylebook@gmail.com' TheNOW says:

    Love how clean that apartment looks!! Her art collection is pretty awesome! xoxo elizabeth

  11. Oh my gosh. That rooftop! That fuchsia rug! Those clothes!! Could I have one of each?

  12. Her home has long been a favorite of mine. I don’t look my best in flowy shapes, but the sorbet colors are to die for!
    xoxo -e (modern24seven.blogspot.com)

  13. I love this comparison, and the leather bench is killing me softly!

  14. I love the work of Seldorf Architects and have been following them for years. This apartment is stunning – so calm and serene.
    Love the bathroom, nothing like a bath with view!

  15. No seriously, how gorgeous is that living room? Love the touches of pink here and there, and that leather bench? no no, that room is perfection for me 😉

  16. Love the color palette of the clothing collection. There’s still something about coral, pinks and turquoise that makes me smile.

  17. Honestly, stick me just on that rooftop and let me look at the inside, and I would be one happy, inspired camper. Or I’ll take the magenta + white room with the insane windows for natural light. Breathtaking.

  18. oh my word…can i live there, please! and own every piece of that collection! is that really too much to ask?! i think i just just drooled into my wine glass! well, in the meantime, i will just post up onto my dream board :) beautiful post! XO brynn

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    pinklemonadexo@yahoo.com' Lauren says:

    absolutely love it. The apartment is beyond gorgeous. Love its correlation to her clothes. Both equally beautiful.

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    bettina@thekinas.com' Bettina says:

    Wow, I had to pin like everything. Every time I scrolled further down my page all I could think of was really, I love this how beautiful!

  21. Dream. I was so consumed by the homes I barely wanted to scroll down. So glad I did bc that runway is dreamy as well. xoox

  22. I have seen some of these images before but didn’t know they were part of the same place, neither they were from Jill Stuart Home! AND would have never thought about the similitude with his collection! but yes! totally!… who wouldn’t be inspired there!

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    highstyling@gmail.com' Sarah says:

    In love with her pad. It’s easy to see how she got there.

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