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Please welcome Brynn of chartreuse & a twist!

I cannot express enough how much I heart today’s guest! Brynn’s ultra-creativity gets me totally energized every time I visit her bright and happy page, chartreuse & a twist. I urge you to check out her series the “Color Collective” every Tuesday, where she creates collages based on a different hue every week. You’ll leave with your day improved…trust!

Hello everyone!
I am Brynn of chartreuse & a twist
and I am so incredibly happy to be here with all of you today!
I am a huge fan of Erika for so many reasons, as I am sure you all are too!
Her creativity, style & talent are so inspiring to me…
so when she inquired for me to do a guest post, I was beside myself!
It wasn’t too challenging to pick a topic…
if there are two things I know about ‘that girl’, erika, it is
#1 – she loves gold! & #2 – she is a fabulous hostess!
so, today i have for you ‘the golden hostess’…
a little guide on how to keep your entertaining skills nice ‘n’ shiny!

First thing is first…set your table
serve from ceramic bowls & golden dipped serving utensils /  a salad would look so lovely in pretty petal bowls /  eat from clean, simple white plates & golden flatware /  serve special dishes from a brass tray

always make sure your guests have a drink in hand…
stock your bar cart with a pretty whiskey decanter & matching glassware /  impress guests with a unique brass crescent bottle opener /  shake up some fire & ice martinis with a golden rim
& a prepared hostess always has tea & coffee on hand…why not a gold french press, a pretty teapot or golden ‘drip tease’ mugs?

the icing on the cake is an effortlessly decorated space
seat your guests in gold add a vintage lighting fixture, a funky vase, brass tea light holders, decorative gold leaf  papier-mâché bowls (so pretty for fruit)  /  a hint of quirkiness never hurts…like this gold capped gnome cookie jar …and always gets conversation flowing!
Thank you SO much, Erika, for having me over today!
And it is so lovely to meet you all! Feel free to pop on over to
chartreuse & a twist anytime 🙂 XO Brynn

Brynn, you know me so well.

Erika Brechtel

Erika Brechtel

Creative Director

Desiring an online space to explore well-rounded, inspired content in all topics she loves most, Erika created 'The E List' (formerly the Small Shop blog) in 2010. When not enjoying an “occasional" glass of wine and wanderlusting for even warmer climates, Erika can be found sharing laughs with friends and family, and trying her very best to keep up with her 6-year old daughter (yet failing miserably).

  1. i heart brynn!! and heart this post!! i could live in this post! oh and erika, Brynn is as sweet charming funny fashionable and creative in person!!! I had the privledge of spending a weekend with her in NY and I almost didn’t let her go back to seattle. Her posts amaze me every day!! how does she do it?? Love this post. I need more gold in my apt!

    1. I know of Brynn because of your posts together in NYC! I am not surprised one bit she is as genuine and sweet in person!

      Brynn, I’m looking forward to meeting Tamra myself in May!!

  2. I have to honestly say that this is one of the prettiest posts I’ve ever seen! Wow. Can’t wait to check out her blog. xx

  3. Brynn! You are incredible! I {heart} her blog and am so happy to be part of her Color Collective! You have a good eye for talented bloggers Erika!

  4. Oh the amazing Brynn! She does it every time!
    I am going to go ahead and invite myself to this glamorous soirée!
    Those chairs are giving me chills they’re so gorgeous!

  5. Oh how I love me some gold! I want a cute little gnome now. I’m really intrigued by these Color Collective posts. Must check those out. Always on the lookout for more color inspiration.

  6. where are those gold chairs from? I love them and want to use them in a project! thanks!!