HOW TO WEAR Red Jeans, Mint Jeans

UPDATED 2/2013: 1. KORAL, $180 2. J.Brand, $181 3. Truck Jeans, $19.99 sale 4. Frankie B., $151

I really need to give in already; the colored jeans trend will be done and gone before I have the courage to commit. I’ve been hemming and hawing over which hue to do, and have narrowed it down to RED and MINT — they seem the most versatile to me. To further convince myself, I had to gather ways in which I could put each to use…

UPDATED 2/2013: 1. Else Jeans, $68 2. Hudson Jeans, $176 3. Black Orchid, $127 4. Siwy, $108

While RED is a bit bold, it’s a color I could see in any season. MINT seems like it’s season-restricted, but a fresh alternative to denim blue. What do you think?

Have you braved the colored jeans trend?

RED images (clockwise from top left):
See Jane, via Wear Color, via The Simply Luxurious Life, Brooklyn Blonde, Stockholm Street StyleInStyle
MINT images (clockwise from top left):
See Jane, via We Heart It, Harper and Harley, Teatime Thoughts, Late Afternoon, Boden, Seal It With a Kiss
  1. Does it count if I bought a pair of red jeans months ago but have yet to actually be brave enough to wear them? Probably not! Gotta get on that, glad you posted this-I think I’ll pair them with my chambray shirt and keep it simple.

  2. I just bought a mint colored jeans, got lost in the store with all the choices of colors! Now i think i have to go back and get a red pair 🙂

  3. I am loving the new colored denim with prints, and pink! We are selling through so fast, lady! If you want colored denim you gotta get on that. xo

  4. I haven’t embraced the colors yet, but I’m thinking I want a pair of blush or mint. I feel as red is really aggressive in the summer, but when does aggressive stop me? 🙂 I just want to hit the stair stepper first.

  5. I started my colored denim collection with a coral-red and highly recommend going the red route! You can wear throughout all seasons and red is such a classic color! I find myself able to pair almost anything in my closet with them. mint seems like it might pass after this spring!

  6. Yes, I have a pair of kelly green colored jeans and Iove them. They look fab with leopard print for a little wilder look, also love the preppy/casual with a navy and white stripped boatneck shirt with them. With your adorable figure and style, you are a natural to wear them!

  7. I think I’ve blogged about colorful jeans more than once, but I’ve yet to pull the trigger. I lean towards red jeans for the same reason as you- versatility! I’m thinking I’ll go with pink/red of some color. I did see quite a few green versions on St. Patrick’s Day that were super cute!

  8. In the exact same boat, which is so me. I hem and haw about these trends until they have passed and then I am too late. I was eyeing some turquoise ones but alas…something else caught my eye. As usual.

  9. love this post! my first pair were a pinkish color from anthropologie, and i love them! there are so many colors to choose from now, but i think mint will be my next purchase. i was just at the mall this weekend and zara has a pretty great collection, and madewell has a colored denim overload 🙂 i love having a visual of how to wear something…i too will need to bookmark this one. thanks erika!

  10. Loving colored jeans! My first pair was a faded red color from AG, but I’ve quickly moved on to cobalt blue and green! I love the both #1′ s in the red and mint green, the crop looked look super fresh for Spring. If you’re going with one, I vote for the mint green since it’s not as bright and looks so great with muted neutrals, stripes and florals for Spring!

  11. Red was the first color I went with. And mint is the color I’m itching to get into. I’ve worn pink, but mostly I wear gray. Gray counts as a color, right? 🙂

  12. I’m so into this trend, that to me it doesn’t even feel like a trend, more like “let’s just add some color and be more creative”. I had a hard time choosing the colors I wanted and I narrowed it down to coral (I don’t like red, never have) and cobalt. Also wanted a mint pair but couldn’t find a pair that fitted properly and that was affordable at the same time. I love bdg jeans, I’m a huge fan, love their cigarette style ones, they fit like a glove!

  13. I have red and love them. Navy also looks great with red, especially navy and white stripes. You definitely feel like red is more attention getting.

  14. Ok here we go again, let me if I remember exactly what I said:
    I’ve been lusting for them badly, and somehow I feel is more like trying to have fun and be creative than a trend. My top 3 color choices were coral, cobalt and mint (I agree with you that red will transition easily into all seasons but I’m not a “red” girl).
    I’m a huge fan of BDG’s but couldn’t find the mint one at the shop I went to.

  15. I went with red, and I’m suuuuuuuper happy that I did! Mine are AG Stevies and the fit and feel are to-die-for! That said, they’re a bit pricier because I knew they could live past this season/year. I’d totally consider a minty pair at a lower price point! They’re just too cute. And with your gorgeous coloring — DONE.

  16. absolutely LOVE this; such great inspiration. As a redhead I sometimes avoid green because it gives me the Christmas feel (ha, no joke, a little crazy I know) yet totally in love with mint jeans. On my spring must have list.
    PS: totally love your blog!

  17. Hi,
    This post is wonderful! I love the creative ways you can wear each pant color! I have been a long follower of your blog keep up the great work! Thanks for sharing!



  18. I have two pairs of green- one is sort of a army green that reads very green-khaki that I loved all winter. Now I’m obsessed with my teal green joe jeans. Would love to see you do one of these for pattern jeans- all the polka dot and flower prints that are hot right now. And actually, as I write this, I’m waiting for coat one of paint on my DIY colorblock jeans to dry!

  19. I narrowed down to the same exact two colors. Red, I remember being 15 and a pair of dark red levis 501 being my most prized possession. So if you get a good pair, and keep them, they will be back in style. Mint, my most fav color and it will match 75% of my accessories 🙂
    I got the gap legging jeans and they super comfy and the red is just perfect. Really good quality for $69. On the mint, I got a pair out of the free people website (sea man color) and I love them because the fabric is very light so I can wear them through summer 🙂 i have found that both look awesome with the right floral or tribal print 😉 and of course my leather studded converse!

  20. I love the red with lepard and neutrals! I actually bought the light pink neon and a pair of the floral….let’s see if next year they are still in! This is a cute round-up

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