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My new must-have!

Recently I’ve gotten into buying larger pieces of fun jewelry — a bauble necklace or thick gold chain seem to be the perfect finishing touch for most outfits these days. But the bigger sizes have prevented me from storing them very well. Solution: the jewelry bust!

Anthology Magazine

DIY jewelry bust by Design*Sponge


PBteen dress form, $199

PBteen dress form, $199


via the Glitter Guide tumblr

via MadeByGirl

Monika Hibbs for the Glitter Guide


via Apartment Therapy

Pottery Barn decorative bust, $149


Maya Brenner for the Glitter Guide

Since I’m not much of a “neoclassical” kind of gal, I’ve had my eye on a vintage Art Deco bust. Or I’d get something like the above and paint it shiny black.

Here’s another (more commercial) option, in black velvet or frosted plastic for $35:

How do you store/display your larger pieces?

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  1. I’m ashamed to say I normally shove my big pieces in my drawer and hope it shuts… but one of these would be so fun instead 🙂 Great finds, and that DIY one from DS is awesome!


  2. I have always dreamed of having a dress form in my room! When in Italy this summer I found a little shop that had (semi) mini ones and almost called my parents to be like I am shipping this to you thanks!

  3. I’ve wanted one of these forever! I think I would get the dress from if I could find a nice one like the samples you have here, I would love to bling it out and make it part of my bedroom 😉

  4. Oh my gosh, Erica – these are amazing!
    I have a dress form that displays a few of my favorites… and I have two huge pants-hanger type things that I use to store the rest… love these!! (I just pinned nearly all of them to BaubleBar’s pinterest – ha!)

  5. This is such a fun option! I’ve been struggling with jewelry storage forever and I like the idea of being able to see them all on the cabinet. 🙂

  6. last year i bought a huge turquoise lacquered “happy buddha” statue in a furniture store that was going out of business. he sits on my side table in the den and i dress him up with lots of chunky statement necklaces – everyone loves him! 🙂

  7. go for it! I have about 20 lbs of jewelry in a plastic bag at the bottom of my tool/vacuum/suitcase closet. Never wear any of it. I think if you had it in front of you on a sculpture you would enjoy it every day…love!
    xoxo -e (modern24seven)

  8. I like the idea but not for me. I simply use a belt hanger that I got from Bed Bath and Beyond or Linen’s and things. I do however love the use of mannequins. One of these days I’ll spend the money to buy one. I’d love to have a bunch of piece on a nice velvet one. Also Michael’s sells velvet pop up ones like the newspaper image for only a couple of bucks. Combined with their 40% off coupons that comes in the paper, you’re not spending much at all. I used those for a rummage sell we had last summer. We even got compliments on how nice the jewelry was displayed 🙂

  9. I’ve been seeing this too and am drawn to it. I’m not a very classical gal though, but a couple of days ago I saw the perfect way to pull this off for my style. Someone had taken one of these busts and then painted lipstick on it in a bright pink! Looked awesome! A mix of modern and classical and much more my style! I loved it and am now on the hunt for a bust!


  10. Great idea! May just have to pick up a bust soon! Perhaps I should wait until I have a bigger bathroom though with more display room…

  11. I’m digging the $35 option! Love the full form from PB Teen, but don’t think I’m needing this enough to spend $199 on. I’ve been using the glass egg carton type cases to store bigger necklaces, if you make sure they’re deep enough they work pretty well. I’ve picked up a few at TJ Maxx Home Goods and Anthropologie.

  12. I’m so glad you made this post, I’ve actually been searching for the perfect jewelry bust for a while now! I have a place, just need to find the perfect fitting one and now I think i did! thank you!

  13. I’ve taken to draping all my necklaces from random picture frames on my dresser and in my bathrooms. Usually the room I remove the necklace in is where it ends up. I love the casual but put-together look it gives to my rooms, because inevitably I’ll have a few hanging in different rooms at all times. That being said, I don’t have a spot for larger pieces, so they’re hanging on a hook in my closet at the moment. I LOVE the idea of using a bust and might have to find one now that I’ve seen all these beautiful pics in one place!

  14. Love this idea…I have been trying to come up with an effective way to store long necklaces ! Love this idea.


  15. I use a bust in my room to hold bib necklaces… I’d had the busts for years and probably a few years ago, I just flung the necklaces around the neck of the bust and liked it… I also have some lamps that I’ve hung bib necklaces around…

    For most of my necklaces though, I have a corkboard covered in pretty paper with hooks screwed in it to hold my necklaces. I also have a huge craft cabinet with wide flat drawers that I use to house my other jewelry.