AMALFI DREAMIN’ Big Year, Big Plans

Big revelation…

So today I thought I’d share with you that next year I’ll be celebrating a big birthday…the dreaded 4-0 (gasp!). AND it will be our 10-year wedding anniversary! I’m thinking a big trip is in order. Since we did Rome, Florence, Venice and Milan for our honeymoon in 2003, it’s only natural that we should do the Amalfi Coast this time around. This spread is how I imagine it (and I admit I have a good imagination)….envisioning being sunkissed, feeling romantic and pretty darn good…

I deserve this, right?

(Can you tell my husband that?)

Mariana Braga by Stephen Chee for Fashion Quarterly NZ
Erika Brechtel

Erika Brechtel

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  1. I echo the “you look 25” sentiment. I am shocked you are almost 40! I just hit it a couple of years back and life gets better every year. Something about turning 40 is calming. And yes, you deserve a trip to the Amalfi Coast!

  2. Wow, that would be one amazing trip! Perfect for a 40th birthday!! Just tell him you need to go for creative inspiration. 🙂 xx

  3. My jaw is on the floor, I don’t believe your almost 40. I kept rereading that part thinking I missed something. I want some of whatever your taking.
    The Amalfi coast sounds like the perfect way to celebrate! I am crazy jealous!

  4. O.M.G I literally was JUST talking about the Amalfi coast with a friend the other day and how that is my first stop vaca after I win the lottery (oh, it’s going to happen) seriously, the most beautiful architecture, food, people, food, fashion, nature… and did I mention food?? happy early birthday and anniv!


    flaunt and repeat

  5. You most 100% certainly do deserve it!!! So fabulous… I have dreamed of going there for a long time… some friends of ours got married there years ago and the photos are beyond gorgeous!
    Happy almost birthday AND anniversary to you – so exciting!

  6. Are you serious??? You do NOT look even close to 40..not even 35 or 30!!! Those dresses are fabulous. The lace ones are so gorgeous!! xoxo Elizabeth

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  7. OMG you’re almost 40?!?! You seriously don’t even look close! I agree with everyone- you SO deserve this amazing trip, and maybe even some of those outfits to go with it 😉

  8. You don`t need to only imagine this, it get`s a lot better. The Amalfi cost is one of the most beautiful areas there is. I hope you can go!

  9. Such a fab locale E! You definitely deserve it all! Can’t wait to see you plan the heck outta this trip! If it looks anything like the spread above, it’ll be a walking/waking dream!
    Happy Monday Mama!

    Peace. Love. LOL!


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    I wish you a great week:)

    LOVE Maria at

  11. (First time here) Yes, you deserve it…. 40 is great. Make the plans as if you’re going and that will make it easier on the husband. He doesn’t have to lift a finger, just a wallet. LOL!

  12. What an amazing year for you! And, I’m sorry, did I read correctly, are you really turning 40? This whole time I have thought you were in your very early thirties!

  13. No way you’re almost 40. I don’t believe. A big trip for a big birthday and ten year wedding anniversary sounds like the perfect way to celebrate. I like how all these outfits are white, kinda goes with the wedding anniversary theme. Dress number six is hot!

  14. Holy moly those lace dresses are a dream! I will be 36 this year and every year that creeps up to the 40 is killing me! But if I looked as young and good as you I would not be so worried!
    -xoxo e(modern24seven)

  15. There is no fear in turning 40 years of age as you may have heard of the proverbial saying that life begins at forty. Consider this as a time for new experiences

  16. My husband and 6 year old daughter took our first ever trip to Europe in 2007….went to the Amalfi coast and & Capri; absolutely the best time of my life; especially Capri!! Hotel Punta Tragara, The beach club at la Fontalina, pizza at De Gemma; the beach at Marina Piccolo, fresh waffle cones in , lemon gelato; life just does not get any better! Do it now you will never regret it! We took the trip just before the crash and I am so grateful that we did; I don’t regret a single penny! Worth every cent. The experience is priceless!!! Ciao!!

  17. Yes!!! I think you deserve it!! COngratulations!! in Positano must have dinner at Hotel San Pietro….and La Sirenuse….I hope it works out!