A SPOONFUL OF COLOR // On A Neutral Base

Barrie Benson

Two guest spots today!

It’s another Wednesday of “Design Under the Influence” on La Dolce Vita! Today I’m discussing beni ourain rugs — which as you know is a favorite piece of mine in my own home. I’m sharing some pretty darn fabulous spaces, and resources for authentic vintage pieces, as well as inspired-by pieces. Go take a gander!

Point being, image above (with said beni ourain) = LOVE. I’ve been a huge fan of Barrie Benson ever since our beloved Domino days. And recently I’ve been wanting to add a bit more color into my home. I dig the way the photo above has a fairly neutral base (in a fab mod house), with just a few pops of sophisticated color. It feels modern and comfortable, yet chic, simultaneously.

As it turns out, I’m also guesting on a blog for a wonderful, new-to-me site, Histoire. They have curated a collection of items from the around the world that fit their social, environmental and economic mission. I was so excited to be asked to participate in a series in which I pick an item from their site, and another item that I would style with it. Well, seeing how I’m trying to insert a bit of color in my home, I immediately fell in love with their ikat scarves/runners! Couldn’t you picture this draped across my grandparent’s vintage teak buffet? Go check it out to see what I paired with it!

More ideas to add a few pops of color onto my neutral base:

#1: For the living room, need to finally finish that large abstract canvas sitting in my garage!

Lucy Fenton

#2: Maybe some bright accessories or pillows for my sectional?

Claudia Stephenson

#3: What about a colorful traditional rug for the dining room?

Gabriel Hendifar

Stay tuned, I’ll be working on these ideas for a new photo shoot this summer! In the meantime, read what I’ve got going on at La Dolce Vita and Histoire today!

Erika Brechtel

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  1. Busy Girl! That Barrie Benson room ranks pretty high in my top ten rooms of all time. I’m SO obsessed… Cant wait to see what you have up your sleeve!


  2. I love those ikat scarves….the colors are great. Also into the abstract in the Lucy Fenton dining area. I think the colorful rug in your dining room would be fantastic.

    Can’t wait to check out “Design Under the Influence” love your “term papers” as you call them. 🙂

  3. I hadn’t thought about it really until this week but now I’m really obsessed with the idea of getting a bright table runner to add some color to my otherwise neutral dining room. Thanks for the continued inspiration!

  4. Can’t wait to check out your guest posts today! I’m longing for a Beni Ourain rug so this will be nice.


  5. i’ve been OBSESSED with that first pic ever since I saw it on another blog, and have been searching for a gold little room separator ever since! these are all just deeeelighful.


    flaunt and repeat

  6. loved your post over at LDV, and of course I love La Benson and everything else you love. So crazy busy I can’t even make my own blog posts but I had to check in with you! Hope you are having a great week…
    xoxo -e (modern24seven)

  7. I’ve been trying to add color as well, and it’s amazing what it will do for a room! Rugs are the hardest for me because of the investment. I can never make up my mind on something I’ll be spending so much money on!