FIDDLE ME THIS Fiddle Leaf Figs

It takes me a while sometimes to realize how much I love something until I see it a hundred times and say to myself every time, oooh. And maybe because it’s spring, I finally did it: I added two fiddle leaf fig trees in our dining room!

These are a slightly smaller leaf version (“little fiddle”) which is great since I don’t have a ton of space here, and I don’t want a jungle in my house. Plus I really like the shape, and I think over time they’ll get to a perfect height that will complement any room quite nicely.

Loving these examples…the sizes and shapes seem to be well-balanced in each space, and add just the right amount of textural interest:

Lee Mindel via Elle Decor

Lee Mindel via Elle Decor

Elizabeth Sullivan

Claiborne Swanson Frank via Elle Decor

Mikel Larrinaga via Nuevo Estilo

Anna Burke via Lonny

Jonathan Adler via Elle Decoration France

Trip Haenisch via Lonny

Tom Delavan via Trad Home

Lee Kleinhelter via Lonny

This is a big step for me guys! I don’t know if you noticed in my house tour I don’t have any house plants!  So now the question is: what kind of pot? A basket? A contemporary nondescript pot? Thoughts?

Definitely getting a colorful runner for the table or a colorful Turkish rug. I cleaned off the bar for now because it got a little cluttered, so now I’m on the hunt for two low symmetrical pieces to flank the tray. Decorating never ends!

Hope you had a productive weekend!

I’m already getting inquiries, so hopefully this answers some of the questions:

Where to purchase: I called our local nursery (Armstrong) to ask if they had them. The man I spoke with said he would order a few for the following week’s shipment.

The type: I lucked out that they had the ‘Little Fiddle’ version (Ficus Lyrata Compacta), which have smaller leaves that are closer together, giving a more dense appearance. Since they are more compact, they won’t grow as wildly large but they should still grow tall, and the leaves will get larger. I debated between this one and the larger leafed version (Ficus Lyrata) but the ones in stock were not grafted and were more column-like in shape.

Care: From what they told me, these like shade and only need water when the soil surface is dry. Fertilize with indoor plant food every 3-4 weeks. I’ve also read that they like smaller pots, so don’t repot until new leaves look stunted. I am not a plant person at all, but thought I might be able to handle this!

Price: I saw a variety from $49 to $109 for the 10″ and the 12″ types.

Hope this helps!

Erika Brechtel

Erika Brechtel

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  1. Wow, honestly I haven`t recognized these in interior design before.
    Plants sadly don`t survive with me for very long because I can`t seem to water them or over-water or whatever.
    The idea is beautiful however, I really like your examples!

  2. I have some space I’d love to fill with some green in my apartment and you’ve made me fall in love with the fiddle leaf fig trees!! I’ll be on the lookout for one now so thank you 🙂 And as for the type of pot for your home, I have to say that depends on the whole room but I enjoyed the shots of the tree standing in the more comtemporary pots like picture nr. 7 or the ones like nr 5. I really like those as well. Have a great week!

  3. so so so so so obsessed with those trees! I posted about them months ago and still haven’t pulled the trigger. Definitely will do when I’m settled back in Chicago!

  4. Where did you find your fig trees? They are nice and full! The ones I have seen are sparse. The contrast looks wonderful!

  5. I think a contemporary pot will work well with your decor. You’re so right – decorating never ends! I’ve been wanting to do a feature on our new home, but I keep changing things around and feeling like it’s not quite perfect yet! x

  6. I love them! My mom loves plants and though I have TWO black thumbs, I still want to grow my own… this varietal is really pretty.

  7. We just got a fiddle leaf fig tree too! I say go with a bright or modern pot, just because it will be easier for watering. If you have any good tips for taking care of it, let me know!

  8. Erica! I love it . . . the size is perfect for that space . . . We just bought a house in OC and will be moving soon and I wanted to buy some of these because we have a large vaulted room . . . where did you buy them? In OC? Would love if you could email me the details (where, cost, etc) ….. xoxo E

  9. Gorgeous! I just got one as well. I had the hardest time finding one at the commercial nurseries around me so I contacted an interior landscaping company and they happened to have a nice 7-footer in their warehouse. With delivery it was about $100, which I think is reasonable. The lady who delivered it said they’re getting very hard to find. After this post, I think it’ll be even harder 😉

  10. Your trees are perfect for that space! I’ve been wanting one of these babies for my dining room, but I’m afraid I’ll kill it before it has a chance to settle in. Let me know how it fares in your dining room.

  11. They look amazing!!! I have wanted at least one in my house forever and I still haven’t bought it yet. I’m super inspired now, so I just need to get er done 🙂 In my opinion a more modern looking pot would fit your decor, and is probably easier to water than a basket?? A couple months ago I saw some great larger white pots at the Long Beach Flea Market for a pretty good deal. But I’ll be going this coming Sunday so if you go too we might have to fight over them 😉 Have a great week!

  12. Love these! I have such a black thumb and only keep fresh flowers around the house…if and when I can think of it. These are the perfect pop of green to incorporate. Thanks for sharing!

  13. I have one in my dining room and it hasn’t grown for the past year. Not sure if it’s me or the tree. Probably me. My parents offered to take it and babysit for the next few months to give it some life- they have the green thumb not me. Looks great in your dining room!!

  14. I’m totally with ya E! Loving the figs for dining rooms…I can see the beauties growing like Swanson’s interior..framing your grays so gorgeously with color! I’d go for metallics for pottery…like a splash of gilver to break up the metals! Great move!

    I’m hosting 5 days of GIVEAWAYS with 5 chances to WIN in honor of my blog’s 2year anniversary! Would love for you to stop by and check it out!

    Peace. Love. LOL!


  15. I’m so inspired! I have one rubber tree right now, which I’m not in love with. Plants are just so hard to mix in. With that said, I’m rethinking this thanks to this post!

  16. They are so pretty. I love the shape of the leaves. I don’t have any house plants, either, but I do always try to have fresh flowers around. I did just buy rose bushes yesterday, I am slowly going to build up the garden so I have something blooming most times of the year. Anyway, great addition to your dining room; gorgeous selection.

  17. They look gorgeous! I’ve slowly been adding more plants over the years and have always said when I move to my “big girl house” I’ll get a fiddle leaf. Anxious to see how yours do and how the upkeep is! PS, I think light baskets would look awesome as containers!

  18. Yup. I’ve been eyeballing them too, but am waiting until we move before I give it a go. After all, who wants a fabulous fig tree in an apartment with icky carpet? Not I!

  19. I think you made the perfect choice getting the smaller version; they are the perfect addition to your already amazing dining room. I’m going to get a pair when I grow up!

  20. The leaves are gorgeous and add so much life to your dining room. Ok, dying over that wall color! what is it? I’m thinking in there you can put them in a dark grey planter?

  21. Just found you via pinterest. Absolutely had to click thru when I saw your fiddle leaf figs. I’m slightly obsessed with these beauties. I just bought my second one this weekend! Now I have a big one and a little one. Your dining room is gorgeous, btw!

  22. Your little trees bring a whole new life to your room. They’re the perfect addition. I so want one. Our poor plant in the living room never came back to life. I pretty much just have a pot with a broken stem sitting in it.

    I think I want to add one of these little dudes to my birthday wishlist. Nine year old me would’ve never guessed I’d add a plant to my birthday wishlist one day.

  23. Erica, ahh I melt each time I see these trees! I had no idea they were figs!! Thanks so much for doing a story on them, so helpful!!! I read that fig trees enjoy lots of light. While I’m dying to buy one, the actual space where I want to put it has indirect sunlight at best. I thought about going the silk route (I have two huge banana trees by John Richards that are truly stunning) but I can’t find any high end ones that would foot the bill. Any ideas?

  24. Thanks for including my fiddle leaf fig! I was so obsessed with them but I couldn’t keep it alive. I have such a black thumb. I love the way they look, though!
    xoxo -e (modern24seven)

  25. Would love to hear what you think about maintaining them after you’ve had them for a while. I do NOT have a green thumb but would eventually like to add something green to my home!

  26. love. because you asked…i’m thinking that they would look great in some chunky baskets — adds a nice natural element to the room–if not, then those super cool jonathan adler cubes in orange! pow!

  27. Wow, they look great! I love the other pictures you posted too.
    I’m not sure I’m brave enough for houseplants yet, but Peter Dunham’s fig leaf is one of my all time fabrics so maybe that will do nicely instead!
    J x