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Last week in my “The E List” post, I included an Oscar de la Renta perfume ad created by renown fashion illustrator David Downton. Not only does the talented Mr. Downton have a gorgeous website that you must visit, but a book Masters of Fashion Illustration that I must get, AND a blog on Vogue.uk that you must check out…









He does commissions for a variety of prestigious, high-end clients like The V&A & Chanel:





And on his blog, he treats us to his personal passions:



(Be sure to check out his portraits too.)

So great, right? I could stare at his work all day. Well ok, especially if it involves Jon Hamm. ;o)

And I wanted to say a quick thank you for all of your support yesterday! I got an overwhelming response through tweets, emails, comments and I have to say, you are all so amazingly sweet. But the fact that some women shared with me their own experiences regarding infertility made the post totally worth it for me. I felt so alone during that time — it was the absolute worst. But we made it! Don’t give up. And feel free to vent, share, ask away. xo

Images from DavidDownton.com and Vogue.uk
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  1. Wow…these are so cool!! Oh And I tried to read your post yesterday but I could not get on the site!! Maybe you had so much traffic, it shut down?? 😉 xoxo Elizabeth