D.C. SHOWCASE ROOM By Finnian’s Moon

I know I’m always going on and on about how great my clients are, but fact is, they are. I especially love when I get to make updates to pieces I’ve done for them, and see what they’ve been up to lately. I just had to share this absolutely adorable boy’s room from client Finnian’s Moon Interiors for the 2012 D.C. Design House

Finnian's Moon DC Design House blue houndstooth union jack

Pattern mixing perfection.

Finnian's Moon D.C. Design House striped headboard silver deer head

I’m obsessed with the deer head, of course!

Finnian's Moon D.C. Design House white dresser striped walls

Striped walls in the subtlest tones.

Finnian's Moon D.C. Design House blue zig zag ikat chair

We’re all dying over this chair (and the upholstered legs)!

Finnian's Moon D.C. Design House blue zig zag ikat chair detail

Textural goodness.

Finnian's Moon D.C. Design House 2012 linen chairs white tree bookshelf

Bookshelf tree: brilliant!

Finnian's Moon D.C. Design House linen stitched chair blue throw

More textures and detail, oh my!

Finnian's Moon D.C. Design House boys room valance forest

I need to ask her what fabric this is, don’t I?

Finnian's Moon D.C. Design House window seat book cubes valance

Finnian’s Moon now has a blog: (nursery) rhyme & reason! Get juicy details on the inspiration for this room and the process behind it’s creation!

And speaking of amazing clients, I’m off to Tamra of ever swoon‘s big launch party tonight! I heart her like nobody’s business, so I’m thrilled I can be here in NYC to support her and, duh, dance ’til dawn!

Photography by James R. Salomon
Erika Brechtel

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  1. I am impressed. I love the muted stripes and that amazing upholstered chair. Congratulate Tamara and I hope you had a ball! xo

  2. WOW! Love. Where did you find that tree bookshelf? I will have to check out their blog. I’ve been a bit off the blogs lately since I’ve been feeling non human – Tamra Sanford is now expecting her second neice or nephew!

    I’m so sorry I can’t make her launch party tonight (Tam’s big sis here)! I need all my PTO days I can get. I can’t wait to see photos! Give her a big hug for me.


  3. Agreed!! This space is rather near perfection. I LOVE the way there are interesting patterns and elements going on, but the space still manages to feel entirely serene and calm.

  4. WOW! This room is seriously perfect! AND I can hardly contain my excitement about tonight! I get to meet you!!!!!!

  5. Oh, I adore every single thing about that room. I am in the midst of painting my son’s room and was going to do stripes in the same colour, inspired by another blog but I was hesitating but after looking at your pictures, I will pick up the brush and continue painting! Love the chevron chair too!

  6. I love love love all the details in this room, especially the thick stitching on the little slipper chairs. Love it all – totally gorgeous!
    xoxo -e (modern24seven)

  7. You (and my sister, obvi) make my uterus do backflips. Those kids rooms are adorable!! The subtle stripes? Can I do that in my own??
    Oh and I have to tell you about the crib I Picked out for my child 5 years from now. Haha so many things to chat about. But seriously I’m running to your hotel tomorrow morning and holding you hostage. I’m so sad to have you go back!

    Im so incredibly grateful for your support and getting the opportunity to celebrate with you! You brought my brand to life and became a life long friend. I’m forever grateful we connected! Xoxo

  8. It’s beyond exciting to see you feature Finnian’s Moon’s incredible room and Nancy’s amazing work here! We designed the bathroom right next door, and not only was this space even better in person, it was so fun to see how people reacted to all the little details.