It’s the last 3 days of the HomeMint Guest Editor Pinterest Contest, and I have saved some of the best pins for last! Genius Kishani Perera’s work is quite at home on my “Vintage Eclectic Home” board, don’t you think? The spaces she creates are visually rich, feel personal in the details, and combine texture and color in a way that makes them seem they’ve been lived in forever. I’m a fan of the “collected” look tempered with modern, quality pieces…and Ms. Perera does this so very well…

Kishani Perera living room, moroccan rug, white brick fireplace, ikat, black, gold

Kishani Perera living room, moroccan rug, ikat pillow, gray couch, rams head table

Kishani Perera kitchen, white, gray, carrera marble

Kishani Perera living room, black spanish tile, gray white pink zebra

Kishani Perera outdoor patio, black white coral

Kishani Perera dining room, green blue, abstract art, contemporary

Kishani Perera living room, eclectic, colorful, vintage, warms red gold

Kishani Perera vignettes, red foyer, black white bathroom, floral wallpaper

Kishani Perera sitting room, green walls, flokati rug, kilim pillows

Kishani Perera bedroom, white, aubergine

Kishani Perera desk vignette, lavender, lilac, antique

Kishani Perera, traditional, charcoal gray, living room, bathroom, chandelier

Kishani Perera bedroom, French traditional, brocade, gray, chandelier

These pared-down images are nothing compared to the vast amount of lovely spreads laid out in her book, Vintage Remix, along with tips she shares to achieve the balance she so carefully crafts here. If you like this look as I do, I highly recommend her book!

And don’t miss out on your chance to win $300 from HomeMint! Every repin from my “Vintage Eclectic Home” board is an entry! Bonus, you get to help me win the Guest Editor spot over RUE Magazine and The Everygirl – no easy task, fo’ sho’!

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  1. I loooove her work! She is such a talented designer and really understands how to create that perfect mix. I definitely need to get her book for more inspiration because these images are gorgeous! And my fingers are crossed for you for the guest editor spot- going to do some more pinning today!

  2. I definitely have seen some of these rooms and loved them but never knew who they were by! LOVE her work. The second and third pictures are just perfect…and that kitchen too !!


  3. Thank you for sharing the designer! LOVE LOVE LOVE every one of these looks and always great to have a source to bookmark for more inspirations!! I love EVERYTHING you post… your style and selections that you share with us are always fabulous.

  4. Wow, these are gorgeous, you did save the best for last! I’ll have to check out her book. How do you find these amazing sites for decor inspiration? I’m always finding them through your site and then Pinterest.

  5. Her work is absolutely amazing!! The outdoor patio is so stunning! Also, went on a pinning spree on your vintage electric board earlier today, love everything!

  6. I love the coral and gray elements the most in the first images, since that is the color scheme I am working on now in my own tiny place. Love her attention to detail…
    xoxo -e (modern24seven)

  7. Howdy. I was so curious as to the large ivy trellis patterned black on ivory rug. do you know how to purchase it ??’

    thanks, lisa larson