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Working it out

Do you ever feel paralyzed by all the projects you’ve got going on in your home? That’s how I’ve felt lately. There are so many things I want to do that I don’t know where to start! I’m slowly acquiring pieces for my daughter’s big girl room, but a first priority for me is to redo my office gallery wall. I’ve had it up for a while now, and it’s just not inspiring me like it used to. I’m not quite sure yet how it’s all coming together…some thoughts…

ART: I purchased the “Je Ne Regrette Rien” print (love!), and picked up this Matisse print from the Met while in New York. My daughter has been painting up a storm so I’ll definitely need to incorporate a piece or two of hers. And thinking a black/white photograph or something from the late 60’s-early 70’s à la Brigitte Bardot will set the right tone.

PIECES: After I did that post on peacock chairs, I had to have one! I could never get the banana leaf Martinique-esque pillow out of my head…finally ordered it. And of course I’ll incorporate my capiz shell pendant and sheepskin.

RUG: Can’t decide….cowhide? Or black/white striped? Or Persian? That piece may take a little longer to acquire, and I’ll wait until my gallery wall is done.

Thanks for bearing with me! As you know, sometimes I have to use this blog to figure stuff out, in order to move past the paralyzation!

Hope you had a great weekend!

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Erika Brechtel

Erika Brechtel

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Desiring an online space to explore well-rounded, inspired content in all topics she loves most, Erika created 'The E List' (formerly the Small Shop blog) in 2010. When not enjoying an “occasional" glass of wine and wanderlusting for even warmer climates, Erika can be found sharing laughs with friends and family, and trying her very best to keep up with her 6-year old daughter (yet failing miserably).

  1. Yes I really know how you feel – It can be so hard to prioritise home projects. I get stuck choosing a design style as there are so many wonderfully inspiring homes to drool over on the net. I really like the cowhide rug. Kate xo

  2. I think the direction you are going in is great! I agree to wait on the rug, why rush the decision if you don’t have to. Peacock chair + leafy pillow + sheepskin = delicious!

    Where did you find the chair? Is it vintage?

  3. Oh I love your wall now, but I totally feel you on needing new inspiration. I cannot wait to see what you come up with!

  4. I love where you’re headed! Your daughter’s artwork will add a nice playful touch. I like the idea of the black and white off-set stripe rug, or a Persian rug. We need a rug in our apartment but I haven’t found just the right one. I’m sure you will!

  5. I have had my eye on those pillows for my porch! I tried to find similar fabric to maybe cover the seat covers to my outdoor dining table, but no luck! Anyway, gorgeous ideas; all of them!

  6. You have NO IDEA how much I feel you on this. I spent the weekend looking around at my apartment thinking that I would never get what I want to do done, and that by the time I did I’d have 50 more things on the list. It’s so frustrating, yet I have to keep reminding myself it’s all self imposed!

    BTW, if you love that pillow you can get the fabric for only 10$ a yard here. Matching curtains perhaps??

  7. I love everything here. That french print is fabulous! I can’t wait to see the finished product. You have such a great eye!

  8. I love this whole scheme! I too have a ton of projects to work on in my own house and it’s so overwhelming! I like what you’ve chosen for the wall so far, and that peacock chair is amazing. Is it vintage or where did you find one?? That’s definitely on my wishlist 🙂 And I agree, maybe wait on the rug to see what direction your pulling towards in the end? I love the cowhide rug though!

  9. I think all 3 rug options would look amazing. I feel for you, I’m trying to re-decorate/finish decorating my apartment and I feel it’s too much! So many rugs to get, so many options…not easy!

  10. Sooo nice to know that even bloggers with great style suffer from paralysis. Nice to know I am not the only one who struggles with it! It is the worst!

  11. Oh my, my! Bohemian Mod sure looks inspiring and terrific! I LOVE that peacock chair (reminds me of one my grandparents used to have) and that banana leaf pillow is total cutie! I just so happen to be having a banana leafing bloggy week over at Coral 😉

  12. I love how it is coming together. I think a cowhide will be awesome under that chair, but I think you will regret it if you have bold spots. I think a pure ivory one would be awesome. Everything you do is great so can’t wait to see!!
    xoxo -e (modern24seven)

  13. Thought you’d like to know that the first piece that caught my eye was the one by your daughter! Simple and vibrant at once – I might have to commission something from her!