Weekend Progress

The little things…

How was your weekend? Mine was lovely, and included a few small accomplishments that made it a big success in my book…


Totally unexpected! Found this gray/ivory cowhide at IKEA ($199!) of all places, but it didn’t really work in my office as I had hoped. So instead, we threw it over our headboard. I’d been wanting to switch our bedding to all white with dark walls (à la Jenna Lyons) but the headboard was the only obstacle. Now I’m on the hunt for a big gold mirror to sit atop the dresser and balance out the rustic.


Slowly making progress on my new gallery wall! I haven’t hit the sweet spot with it yet, but it’s coming along. More to come…


Another accomplishment (finally) was finding cheap baskets for the two fiddle leaf figs in our dining room (Cost Plus, $24.99 each). BTW, fiddle leaf figs should be called “fickle” leaf figs! I think I finally got a handle on it, but man…these things are temperamental!


But most importantly, I got family time at the beach this weekend. We live so close to the beach, it’s just silly that we don’t squeeze it in more often. Moments like this I’ll never forget.

Hope you had a nice weekend too!

And don’t forget to enter to win a Christian Louboutin original watercolor illustration…winner announced this Friday!

Erika Brechtel

Erika Brechtel

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  1. Wow! Kudos to you! Your home looks great. One of my summer goals was to finish organzing and decorating our townhome before I went back to school… time and not spending money all at once has been an obstacle! Slowly but surely! We had a busy weekend too, but my fav was when Max jumped in the swimming pool at his swimming lessons all by himself. Family time on the wknd is the best.


  2. great find at Ikea!!!! Love the look. Can’t wait to see the rest of the office makeover. I wanted to enter your readers rooms, but our room isn’t done yet!! got a ways to go. Love the pic of Leighton and Justin. absolutely adorable. can’t wait to be there in a few weeks!!

  3. Awww family time is always the best Erika. That is an adorable shot. Cannot wait to see more of the gallery wall! xoxoxo

  4. i love successful weekends that allow you to squeeze in some fun too! And what you’ve got in mind for your master bedroom sounds so so SO sexy – love it!

  5. Love the hide, love the baskets, love your office, love your beautiful fam. I had a fickle leaf myself if you remember, and alas, could not keep it alive.
    xoxo -e (modern24seven)

  6. Love the hide on the headboard! I know you got the canvas above your bed from Z gallerie but…. Do you have the artists name?? Thanks!