INTERVIEW Lulu DK for OpenSky

The Sky’s the limit for LuluDK!

Lulu deKwiatkowski is a crush-worthy illustrator, artist, published designer, and major tastemaker. Her signature colorful coastal style has captured the hearts of beach lovers around the world (ahem, me!), through her textile, wallpaper, floor covering, bed linens, AND dinnerware lines.

And now she’s joined OpenSky with a new “Seaside Glamour” collection, bringing pieces together from fond memories of days spent in the Hamptons and Bahamas. I am totally thrilled that I had the opportunity to ask Lulu a few questions about the collection and what inspires this true, do-it-all talent!

1. The Sky’s the limit for you! What inspired you to launch this new shop on OpenSky?
OpenSky seemed like a great concept and I love to share my finds with others…

2. What are some of the inspirations behind your collection?
Nature nature nature…I am awed and inspired always by Mother Nature. I often say my mother and Mother Nature are my 2 biggest influences. Everything in my line has a hint of nature to it.

ceramic basket with rope handles, $150

3. Do you feel your own experiences are reflected in the products? How so?
I grew up between the Hamtpons and the Bahamas and was surrounded by water, sea life, trees, flowers and everything nature had to offer, so it was and is a big influence on my work always.

oyster shell mirror, $250

4. What are you most excited about with this launch?
Love all things nautical…and this says it all.

silver plated shells, set of six, $170

5. What would be the ultimate compliment to make you know your line has been a huge success?
Knowing that it sold well and people were drawn to it.

basketweave lanterns, set of two, $96

6. How do you do it all — balance work, life, kids, home? All of us working moms want to know!
By the skin of my teeth…;-)

Gotta love a gal that can be honest. I feel ya!

Get more inspired with this peek into the brilliance behind all those fan-tabulous Lulu DK fabrics we heart so very much: 

* * *

And now, the winner of the Christian Louboutin original watercolor is…

Entry #40, Theresa of The Inspiration Coop!

Thank you everyone for your entries! It was wonderful to hear from so many fresh faces! Such lovely comments.

Have a wonderful weekend, all!


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  1. Yay! I never win anything. Well, I suppose I can’t say that anymore. Thank you for the opportunity, Erika.
    I’ve long been a fan of LuluDK, and deKwiatkowski’s home. Great interview…It was nice to get a peek into the inspiration behind her latest endeavor.
    (ok, going to do a little dance now. 😉

  2. I love her own house the best out of everything she does – and her fabric line (especially the metallic linens) are the best! Great interview, E!
    xoxo -e (modern24seven)