Big bang for your buck

After my crazed weekend*, I needed to decompress and add some calm in my life. A trip to Lowe’s and $13 later, mission accomplished! (Although my husband simply said, “It’s very…tropical,” which in my head that translates to, “It’s awesome sauce!”)

I was certainly inspired by the vast amount of gorgeous interiors featuring large house plants that seem to add so much textural interest while softening any space.

Living Etc.


Modern Findings


Michael DePerno in Elle Decor





David Lawrence in House Beautiful via Habitually Chic


Larry Lazlo in Elle Decor


Curbed NY


Carlos Miele in Elle Decor


Salvador Paisage


Jamie Bush


Joe Serrins via
 (View my past post for more fiddle leaf ficus trees)


Here are a few picks for planters for any personality:
(Note that some of them have drainage holes and would need a standard plastic liner for indoor use.)

No. 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9
(My basket in top photo, $24.99)


Do you have any large house plants in your home?

*About that crazed weekend, the wedding was a total blast! I am still recovering. But I ended up doing half-up/half-down for my hair, per the stylist’s reco. More to come! 

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  1. I use to have over 14 plants in my house until I got two kittens… Then they started eating them all and had to get rid of them all. So sad… Love plants though! xoxo

  2. Yep, bringing in a fresh houseplant is good for the soul! My fiddle leaf fig almost died (I think I overwatered and it wasn’t getting enough light). I moved it to the dining room where it gets more light and it “seems” to be doing better- crossing my fingers!

  3. I have been thinking about getting an indoor plant for ages! I love your planter too. I never thought abut wicker but it’s making an impression!

  4. I love this trend of greenery. Such a great way to bring height to a room and brighten up a corner….and inexpensive….oh and that fresh oxygen around the house!

  5. Your new plant looks awesome. Love all the planters you picked. I seriously would die to have baby orange trees in my home. Too bad I don’t have a mansion.. xoxo

  6. house plants are a must for me! Not that I’m good at keeping them perky. Love that basket container. We did a similar one in my clients living room with a fiddle leaf fig. still love those.

  7. I love big, tall house plants in the home. They’re like a sculptural piece. And green always adds a nice natural color. The one in our living room is sadsville. It’s been on it’s last leg, in this case, branch, for months. Time to replace it. Love pot no. 9.

  8. looks great, girl. I am dying to get a fiddle leaf fig again but I cannot keep them alive. And there are no modern planters around here. The big sizes are so expensive. I am obviously feeling hot, tired, and bitchy! Great post…hahahaha
    xoxo -e (modern24seven)

  9. Not only do plants help with the air quality of a home, it does spruce a place up for a little of nothing. Adds life to a home!

  10. Growing up I thought our house was a jungle because my mom had so many plants. Looking back, I realize there was just a couple of beautiful (albeit) huge plants. And I love them now! Your purchase is gorgeous! xx

  11. This is so so true! I just got a little potted aloe plant for a small nook in our new apartment. It’s not big at all — maybe like 8 inches tall, but WOW, what a difference it makes! I need to get more ‘tropical’ plants like yours for other nooks, corners, and cranies!