VIDEO Wedding Ceremony Serenade

(That’s me and my daughter second in the maids line-up!)

So as I mentioned, my sis-in-law’s wedding was a total blast — but I didn’t have my iPhone on me, so failed to capture any photos! Bust! I was so busy with the day and my daughter, and well, I guess having too much fun.

One super fun part was that my new bro-in-law and his family treated us all to a surprise a cappella serenade at the end of the ceremony! It was so neat! (They are actually all Barbershop singers, so not to worry, no cringe-worthy moments here.) I’m sharing a video on studio swoon today — jump over there, it will make you smile!

Another super fun part was that they got a photo booth — I highly recommend it! (I wish they had these when I got married…ahem…9-1/2 years ago.) With all the props and enough cocktails in all of us, the bride and groom now have a ton of great shots to commemorate the festivities. A few:

(The bride and her maids…we’re way too mild, don’t you think?)

(Here we go! One of the gals was calling out the poses, such as “upside down pose!”)

(And they got crazier as the night went on!)

(But I’m so happy my other sis-in-law took my daughter in there before the little one went home with Nana & Papa. Hee hee)

The bride did an AMAZING job with the whole 227-person event! The very talented Jennifer Daigle who shot my home for the Glitter Guide was the wedding photographer, so I am sure I will get to share some gorgeous “official” photography soon (including all the stationery I got to contribute!).

OK but really…you must check out that video on studio swoon. It’s super cute I promise.

Oh! And my post on MIMI+MEG for how I “get sh** done” is going to be up today! Sorry for the mix-up yesterday. ;o)

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  1. loved your post over at Mimi+meg’s. Loved all the photos. Organization is key! You are so good at it- balancing home/work/family. Love all these photos of the wedding. Can’t wait for the official ones.

  2. Leighton the pirate is adorable! Love the photobooth shots with their logo around it!

    Thank you so so so much for all of your tips on mimi and meg! I don’t have microsoft outlook, but I’m thinking of using the equivalent in a mac program. I’m going to spend a couple hours and reorganizing. it’s been on my list for a while, and now have got some great tips to go by. Thanks erika!