REAL WEAR Summer Whites to Fall

The end has come

Summer is officially over for us in the U.S. come Tuesday (sob), but I’m not ready to let it go quite yet. Yesterday guest Anna showed us how to take summer brights to fall, but how about those summer whites? I’m hoping I can break with convention and break out my beloved white-wardrobe acquisitions. The solution? Incorporate one white piece into a typically fall-like outfit…








I’m hoping to get at least one more use out of my own white Paige jeans on Saturday night when I meet up with Tamra, Irene and Sabra for a cray cray night of dancing to the tunes of an 80’s cover band in Laguna Beach.

Silly Instagram pics are sure to follow…at least that’s my goal. ;o)

What fun do you have planned for this last summer weekend?

Images: these are all from Pinterest and sadly, I couldn’t find the original sources. If you know, please tell me! 
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  1. White is my official favorite colour…because I Live in Barbados I get to wear it all year round! I do miss the seasons though..maybe not too much the Winter but definitely the Fall.

  2. I love this idea! I’ve seen some of the photos around but never noticed that the white is what makes them different. I will definitely be trying this out this fall. Thank you!

  3. I read somewhere that white was actually going to be hot this winter….and I think like you show us above this is the way to do it…pairing it with some darker/fallish colors. I think white and grey are my fave….so crisp. Your weekend sounds like fun. Mine will not entail dancing, I wish!

  4. That first look is so gorgeous. Sounds like you are set for good times this weekend! So jealous that you are meeting up with Tamra! I just love that girl 🙂 Wishing I was in Cali & I would join in on the debauchery 😉 Have an amazing long weekend! XO brynn

  5. I plan on copying each and every one of these outfits this fall! The white-dress-military-jacket outfit is already in heavy rotation.

    Have a good Labor Day!

  6. well, it isn’t “officially” over yet… but I am looking forward to the changing of the seasons, and plan to embrace more neutrals over neons in the coming Fall days

  7. These looks rock my world! Totally saved the white skirt, brown top mix on Pinterest a while ago and have been meaning to do a bit of a remake of the look with white skinny jeans. Love it! Hope you’re doing fantastic! xx