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New “Design Under the Influence”

Coming off quite a night here in the U.S., let’s look at something fun and lighthearted today, shall we?

For this month’s “Design Under the Influence” on La Dolce Vita, I’ve gathered up the homes of five fashion designers with pieces from their Spring 2013 collections to look at how each designer’s personal style is infused in both their home and work. It really is remarkable to see when you put them next to each other, and how different each designer is!

First up, Rebecca Taylor, then hop over for DVF, Erin Fetherston, Tom Ford, Cynthia Rowley and Trina Turk…

Rebecca Taylor: a mix of feminine simplicity and vintage modern.
(and p.s….absolutely love her collection!)

See? Isn’t this fun? And there are still five more to go! ;o)

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  1. Another HIT Erika! I own something from every designer you’ve featured! Love Rebecca’s flirty feminine style…Ford’s unabashed glamour…DVF’s fierce and funky prints…can’t wait to read your roundup! Happy Friday mama!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

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