L’S ROOM PROGRESS "Cute Bohemian"

I’ve slowly but surely been working on Leighton’s big girl room, adding and adjusting as I go. I’m hoping to tackle a bed tent canopy DIY this weekend, and then I *think* I’ll be ready to photograph it, finally! The current inspiration and board…

I found a similar headboard to the below, but I think I’m keeping it white. Would love to find a quilt like this:


I splurged on John Robshaw duvet on clearance and a colorful Jonathan Adler pillow for her bed. No regrets, it absolutely finishes the room! Again, a quilt…



I’d love to find a fun rug like this! (I have white mini Bertoia chairs in her play area, and contemporary white shelving is a must.)



I’ve already created a little gallery wall of her artwork, sparse just like this. She loves it just as much as I do!


What I also love about the rooms above are the modern touches (especially lighting).

So here’s what hers is shaping up like:

(See v.1 here and v.2 here, plus more big girl room photos.)

Definitely would love to find a quilt and rug, but that may take awhile.

I’ve shared peeks on Instagram, and I hope to take “official” photos very soon…finally!

Photos: 1 / 2 / 3 & 45

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  1. Already loving the sneak peeks! The gallery wall you’ve started is such a good idea. I love the thought of framing up and highlighting kids artwork vs. hanging on the fridge for a hot minute and then filing away. Really helps make the space theirs.

  2. I think you just defined my new stile! You know I’m all about all things cute and now I’m trying to incorporate a boho vibe. Her room is going to be so great and it’s going to serve as my inspiration. 🙂

  3. Can’t wait to see the entire bedroom!!!
    So funny because I’m working on a girl bedroom too and I found two similar peacock headboards 🙂
    I love them, they’re so gorgeous!
    Anyway, I’m sure that your daughter’s bedroom will be as precious as her ?