CLASSIC LUXE 1910 Remodel

I for one am surprised that such traditional décor strikes my fancy as much as this “apartment” does (and I use that word lightly). But there is a slight irreverence in the design, as seen in the introduction of horns and antlers, a pop of shocking pink, a fur on bright yellow, or a come-hither Marilyn Minter-esque photograph that makes you take a second look. Nonetheless, it’s a stunning design and I’d happily move in…

It’s actually this last image that had me gasp at first glance.

 What’s doing it for you?

Happy Friday!

Interior design by Soledad Suárez de Lezo

Erika Brechtel

Erika Brechtel

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  1. I Love the style of this “Apartment” it’s amazing! I am obsessed with the mirror wall-paneling in that last photo and all of the mirrored furnishings. Also that Gold statement Light Fixture and Blue tufted couch-to die for. I will definitely be pinning these onto my Dream Home Pinboard. I am in love with your style and blog-keep up the good work!! 🙂

  2. Stunning home, as you usually I’m not a big fan of classic homes but this one is special! Maybe because of these bright colors or the mix of classic and modern pieces … Anyway a beautiful apartment!

  3. FABULOUS FIND!! is it midnight blue or black on the doors and bookshelves in images 1 and 2? I’m in awe either way, but if it’s midnight blue, it goes beyond wow in my book!! totally pin-teresting 🙂

  4. Hello ALL! Just found this blog post featuring my work and… home! Am overwhelmed by all of your sweet comments and the credit!
    You´re all invited for drinks anytime!
    THANK YOU!!!