I remember seeing Keri Russell’s Brooklyn living room in Elle Decor and thinking, my best friend could totally live here. Since then, I’ve been wanting to put together a board for her to get the look for less in her own home…

mirror // pendant // horns // chair // foliage // vase // book // table // ottoman // rug // throw


Did you happen to catch the rest of Keri Russell’s home?

I love that her husband handcrafted many of the wood pieces and finishes. Talk about a personal touch!


Photos via Elle Decor

Erika Brechtel

Erika Brechtel

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  1. love her and her home! I remember when she used to be in the Mickey Mouse club! Am I aging myself here? and of course Felicity….Love the chandy you found!!

  2. I love that light fixture! I love some of these neutral picks, and am thinking about how to mix them in with the bolder items I usually gravitate towards. Love Keri Russell, and just die over her bathroom! That tub! xo

  3. Gorgeous, as usual! Thank you for putting that board together – and for showing some of my favorite images. LOVE her home. xoxo

  4. I cut the pages out of mine to put on my dream board. So many of the pieces would go perfectly in my office…. love your finds too!