"The MomME Files" #1: Dress to Impress Yourself

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Motherhood begins when you first start trying to conceive a child. You make changes in your life for the sake of a little one, but often we as women neglect our own needs for years (some, a lifetime). I personally don’t think it needs to be so black and white, and I strive for balance — I know that I am a better role model for my daughter if I am happy and have my own sense of self going on. So although I blushed and chuckled when asked by readers about my post-baby beauty and diet “tricks”, I realized there are little things that I’ve done to give myself “ME” back (and I bet you have too!). And then I thought, hey, great series for the blog! So, welcome to the first installment of “The MomME Files”…

Today’s topic involves something I’ve talked about before, and that’s to Dress to Impress Yourself (day & night!). As soon as I could ditch those nursing tanks and belly bands, I’ve been incorporating a few easy tricks that have helped me on a daily basis:



I work from home, and most often I don’t see anyone but my two dogs all day. But I still make sure that I feel stylish before I leave my bedroom — it makes me more productive for my stylish clients, and gives me confidence to accomplish what I need to get done. I even wear heels at my desk! And maybe for you it’s workout clothes or a favorite piece of jewelry. Just getting dressed in something that makes you feel good about yourself will affect your entire day in a positive way.



After you have a baby, your body changes. Definitely get re-measured! And then have some fun. Start off with one or two sets. Even if no one is going to see them but you, you know you’ve got something going on, for yourself. It’s empowering!



I’m all for feeling cozy at night. But a nightgown and robe make you feel more like a woman than flannel pajamas or sweatpants ever will. Period. Give it a shot!


What do YOU do to feel like yourself again in the clothing department? 

These are just a few small changes that can potentially make a big difference in your daily outlook. Perhaps there’s an idea here you’ve wanted to try? Don’t feel guilty moms! You deserve it. Go for it!


In follow-up installments, I was thinking of touching on beauty, diet & exercise, personal growth, the social life and the home life….but I am by NO means an expert, I just know these little things have definitely helped me. I thought I’d ask some fellow blogger moms to give us their tips too.

And I would love to make this a discussion for ALL WOMEN, not just moms! Let’s hear your thoughts and suggestions below!

Erika Brechtel

Erika Brechtel

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  1. Love this Erika! I know exactly where you’re coming from. I try my best not to get into a clothing rut especially when I take my twins out on errands. But I am definitely going to try #2 and #3 as soon as possible!

  2. Great advice Erika! I really think any women needs a reminder to feel fabulous sometimes. I know that I have to remind myself to not Change into sweats the minute I get home and to make the effort. Ive been in a relationship for five years and it’s easy to just fall into the trap of not trying anymore. Great post!

  3. Oh I love this Erika! I love all the advice! I should be better at this. I love my beautiful nightgowns so no problem there….but I feel like I should dress up everyday….instead of when I’m meting someone or doing something where I know I will be seeing a lot of people….and the matching undergarments…I have a few from the before that still fit….but I could get some more! ha! The whole body changing thing ….after 5 years still not over it!

  4. Oh Erika I’m in love with this series already. I remember when I first had Mila I was seriously in this funk for the first 2 months and only wore the same pair of sweats day in and out. When I finally came out of my blues I had this incredible urge to find the best pair of skinny jeans and pretty blouse. It seriously helps your mood.

  5. I love this! Matt and I are kind of trying now so I will need this series. I also think I need to pin every picture of Miranda Kerr…ever! xo

  6. I`m not a mom but I think your tips are excellent! I love my matching pairs of underwear and pull out the nicest ones when I have a presentation or exam because it gives me that little extra boost of confidence. And it`s most important to do things for yourself like treating yourself to a facial mask or manicure just because.

  7. I am not a mommy but I love this outfit and would totally wear it and can see cute moms wearing it too! I am sure it is way more difficult to find time for yourself when you are a mom but like you said I am sure you are a better role model for your daughter when you feel good about yourself! Love that!


  8. No children yet, but I feel like everything you said here applies even now. I am the first to put myself on the back burner. But there is no denying that I’m more positive and productive when I know i’m taking care of myself. Great idea for a series.

  9. No babies at our household yet but I absolutely LOVE this series. I feel like a lot of women always put everyone else before themselves and it’s so important to still take care of yourself and have some “me” time. XoXO

  10. Wearing heels at your desk! That’s something I may need to try since I work from home most of the time. I do get in a rut and this may help me on the days I’m feeling a little blahish.

  11. Great tips and series – thank you! I’m definitely feeling that rut between trying to lose baby weight (post baby almost 4 months) …but trying to still nurse (therefore eating a lot) …not wanting to buy a ton of new clothes before losing MORE weight, etc.

    I’d love to hear your ideas on beauty and exercise and fitting it in! Fitting ANYTHING in now with two and working FT is crazy.



  12. Love this post and such a great idea for a series! I have a 4yr old and work from home, and I’ve recently promised myself to start doing things like this, so your post is right on topic for me–thanks!

  13. I love this idea. As a working mom who is in graduate school..finding balance is important. My son is 2.5 and I am just now focusing on me…it feels a little selfish. So, thank you!

  14. Heels at your desk totally caught me off guard- that is awesome! I ALWAYS feel better when I fix myself up (hair + makeup) even when I’m working from home. And I feel embarrassed (for my preschooler!) when I take him to school and I look like a hot mess.

  15. Loving this, great idea! I have to get dress the moment I wake up, even if I’m staying at home I get dressed as if I was going somewhere 😉

  16. Wow, this is great! I just stumbled on this while browsing Pinterest. As a newer (stay at home) mom, I have struggled with finding myself again. And there’s definitely some guilt involved with taking any “me” time. But I agree that I’ll be a better role model for my daughter if im happy and have a sense of self. I’m looking forward to reading more!

  17. Fabulous post — and great reminder for those of us whose kids may be grown but work from home and still want to look put-together. You look fabulous!

    Question — love the shoes you’re wearing in the photo– are they actually the Kelsi Dagger ones you link to, or a different brand? Thank you!

      1. That’s so funny — my bad — but she could absolutely be you! 🙂 Thanks for responding; I’ll follow up if I track them down.