HOW TO WEAR Aviator Sunglasses

I used to think I could only pull out my aviators in warm weather when I’m in my full-on boho chic summer wardrobe mode. Oh how wrong I was! I’m seeing them everywhere and every way these days, from classic, preppy, punk, casual, comfy, sleek, sexy, in winter, spring, summer or fall…

Chloé / Ray-Ban / TOMS / Marc by Marc Jacobs

I can’t stop thinking about the Ray-Bans since I first tried them on — the color is fantastic! Perhaps a pre-Hawaii purchase?

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Erika Brechtel

Erika Brechtel

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  1. Yes! I think you need them! It’s funny because in high school a few of my friends had them and I thought they were silly….and since I got my Ray ban’s about 2 years ago I can’t stop wearing them. I’m obsessed and I feel like a rock star in them…is this terrible? ha!

  2. I’m absolutely the worst when it comes to keeping my glasses scratch free and because of this, don’t typically invest in this wardrobe accessory. Perhaps splurging on a nice pair of Ray-Ban aviators will finally help me get it together.

  3. You need those for Hawaii! Do it. I love these pics. I think I am going to have to try on some aviators. It’s been a while. I own about a million pairs of giant plastic frames. Love sunglasses. xo

  4. I want nothing more then for aviators to look good on my face/not make my nose look giant. The day I find a pair that do that, I will buy 2 pairs of them!

  5. They’re the best! I wear mine all the time and I especially love them with beanies and head bands! They are so easy to wear with them wheres when I try to pair other sunglasses with these accessories it’s so much harder.

  6. I’ve always wanted a pair but I’ve always thought I didn’t have the face for them. Love this so much I’m going to give em a try again!

    1. You can totally pull them off! Marc by Marc Jacobs has styles that aren’t huge. Give it a shot!

  7. I really feel like Aviators are one style that looks cool on everyone!!! I have a tiny head so I have to be careful with the sizes but I have the Toms ones and they are a perfect fit!! I highly recommend them for small heads 🙂 xoxo

  8. A few years ago, I’d gotten a pair of RB Wayfarers and thought those would be the last pair of sunglasses I’d ever need or want. Then I decided that I needed another classic pair to go with them; RB Aviators, brown gradient. I can’t remember the last time I wore the Wayfarers, but the Aviators…they’ve been my constant companions. I’ve tried other sunglasses but I always come back to the aviators. I’ve just ordered a pair of RB arista Shooters. Can’t wait to get ’em. I need to give my brown gradient Aviators a break, lol.

  9. Can anyone tell me where can I buy the leopard print scarf from 1st picture? I’ve seen it a few times online but don’t know the brand or where to find it online or offline. Thank you