ANNIVERSARY "JEWELRY" D.I.Y. Chandelier by Lindsey Adelman

Plus a new “Design Under the Influence”

My 10-year wedding anniversary is coming up, and instead of asking for diamond earrings again, this year I decided to get creative. The husband may not be the hearts and flowers type, but he is quite handy around the house (a lost art these days, don’t you think?). So I’m putting my architect to good use with a D.I.Y. chandelier by Lindsey AdelmanHer custom pieces go from $6k-$20k and up, so it’s a real treat that she would share a $130 version for us regular folk! I’m excited, and the husband’s happy he gets off the hook for another year…

Besides, as designer Gabriel Hendifar says, good lighting is a “room’s jewelry” …so at the very least, my dining room is getting some jewelry!  I think it’s a win-win all around, don’t you?

Download the detailed instructions with parts list from her site, and in the meantime, gaze upon her incredible creations in several stunning rooms in my “Design Under the Influence” column on La Dolce Vita today!

And be sure to check out my friend Albertina’s successful execution — I can’t believe she tackled it herself! Amazed.

Images via and Modern Haus

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  1. An early happy anniversary to you! Perfect gift if you ask me. It will look great in your dining room with the dark walls!

    1. No way! Mine has until May 3. Now that its been blogged, he has no choice, it’s official. ;0)

  2. I am so excited for this! What a perfect solution. My husband… I think he would have to outsource it. I love that man, but handy he is not. xo

  3. I built a light fixture out of plumbing parts in design school, so I know I can do this! Can’t wait to see yours and compare…great gift from the hubs…
    xoxo -e (modern24seven)

  4. I mean, I really really need new jewelry for our rooms. I would LOVE to get one of these!! They are insane. I’m all about these modern, {for lack of a better word} branch like fixtures!!! And happy happy anniversary! xoxo

  5. Yeay!! What a wonderful anniversary gift!! I’m thrilled your hubby agreed to it….OMG, please show us when its done and hung! I can’t wait!