MR. SMALL SHOP "The Man Behind the Blog"

The husband is a man of few words…think Don Draper-ish, minus the scandal. So imagine how intrigued I was to read his responses to Victoria’s questionnaire for her column “The Man Behind the Blog” today on vmac+cheese. It took some prodding on my end to get him to participate (although he did enjoy threatening me with outrageous answers!), but thankfully he still loves me enough after 14 years to put up with this blogging nonsense that consumes so much of his wife’s time and energy.

All kidding aside, lucky for me, he is ever supportive of my biz endeavors, is secretly quite funny (very dry!), and is a wonderful father to our 4-year old little girl. Oh and yes, he is the poor unfortunate soul that has to deal with my perfectionistic tendencies while photographing my outfit posts! But I won’t embarrass him any further…just click over to Victoria’s “The Man Behind the Blog” today and you’ll get a taste of how most of our conversations go…LOL!

Photo by Jennifer Daigle

Erika Brechtel

Erika Brechtel

Creative Director

Desiring an online space to explore well-rounded, inspired content in all topics she loves most, Erika created 'The E List' (formerly the Small Shop blog) in 2010. When not enjoying an “occasional" glass of wine and wanderlusting for even warmer climates, Erika can be found sharing laughs with friends and family, and trying her very best to keep up with her 6-year old daughter (yet failing miserably).