FINAL SUMMER GIVEAWAY! Win $175 in Beauty Products!

Now that summer’s coming to a close, let’s kick off the fall season by putting a fresh face forward! As a thank you to everyone for celebrating my birthday month with me, I wanted to offer one more fantabulous giveaway – a $100 Sephora gift card, and the Goldfaden MD Radiant Skin Renewal Starter Kit (a $75 value)!

As I’ve mentioned, I celebrated a BIG birthday this month, and quite honestly, I really struggled with this one the past year. But a friend of mine told me about her “39 Bucket List” and it motivated me to turn it into a positive and tackle those things I wanted to accomplish before the big day. I’m happy to report I was able to check off many, with more exciting bits in the works! A big one was to take better care of myself — I’m not so young anymore, time to face that fact! Hence, this giveaway is a tribute to honoring your inner and outer beauty, and I’ve made it really easy to enter (no follows!)…


(Up to 8 entries!) Tell us…

A to-do on your own bucket list

A beauty must-have of yours (a product, routine, whatever!)

A person in your own life that has influenced you in a positive way this past year

Or, how you plan to celebrate your next birthday!

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….comment below for EACH entry!

Winner announced next Friday, 9/5/13. Good luck!


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I hope you’ve all enjoyed this giveaway series! I really tried to mix it up — swimwear, art, decor, jewelry and now beauty, ALL FOR YOU! Thank you!!!!

**Please note: the winner will receive one $100 Sephora gift card, and one Goldfaden MD Radiant Skin Renewal Kit, suitable for all skin types (a $75 value). By entering this giveaway, you are agreeing to the website Terms of Use.

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Erika Brechtel

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Desiring an online space to explore well-rounded, inspired content in all topics she loves most, Erika created 'The E List' (formerly the Small Shop blog) in 2010. When not enjoying an “occasional" glass of wine and wanderlusting for even warmer climates, Erika can be found sharing laughs with friends and family, and trying her very best to keep up with her 6-year old daughter (yet failing miserably).

  1. Great giveaway! I cannot live without my coconut oil!

    Also I am so excited to have won the pillow! Thanks so much. I’ve emailed you a couple of times – Looking forward to hearing back from you and beginning the process! xo

  2. December is my and two friends’ big 3-0 so we are going to throw a big party!

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  3. I would have to say my mother is the best influence in my life, she helps me every day! She’s amazing.

  4. Since I’m pregnant I’m not sure of my birthday plans, which is in November, shopping I’m sure!

  5. On my to-do is to take an extended trip to the French countryside some day


  6. Coconut oil is a beauty must for me. It’s great to combat a sunburn, wonderful moisturizer, and works great for rashes and bites


  7. My mom has really influenced me this past year. She has encouraged me when times have gotten difficult and been a great support (especially emotionally!)


  8. My next birthday isn’t til April, but I plan to have a spa day! Facial, massage, and pedicure!!


  9. My Mom has been an inspiration to me this year. She is battling cancer, while recovering from a stroke and doing it all with such grace

  10. What a great giveaway! I love beauty products-they are my weakness. But lately I can’t live without Smashbox BBCream, Bumble & Bumble Seasalt Spray, AND Of course my Nars Laguna Bronzer/Orgasm Blush Combo. I plan on celebrating my next birthday at my upcoming Destination Wedding in the Riviera Maya! I cannot wait and am excited and overwhelmed by the planning ahead 🙂 Happy Birthday to you!

  11. My fiance! He has been so calm during the wedding planning process, and really helps me focus on all of the important things.

  12. We’re going house hunting this weekend – buying our own home is definitely on my bucket list!

  13. I love to celebrate my birthday with a really yummy dinner date. It’s always fun to get dressed up!

  14. A beauty must have of mine is my exfoliating cucumber facial wipes, for nights when I’m too tired to take off make up.

  15. For my next birthday, hopefully I get to check off one thing from my bucket list – to finally visit Brazil!

  16. A beauty must have of mine is eyeliner. the 69 cent kind from Walgreens in black and liquid liner from a felt tip pen by N.Y.C. or E.L.F. at Target. My eyes are naturally slanted so I’ve been playing the “cat eye” look since high school and before it came back in style. another thing I do is use vaseline or baby oil to remove eye makeup. A little goes a long way and it’s off within a couple swipes.

  17. I’m a VIRGO so my bday is coming up soon and it’s technically the last day of summer so for the past several years I celebrate out of town. Last year I visited friends in Atlanta. This year I was suppose to go see my brother in Texas but waited too long to book a flight and I refuse to take a connecting flight (the only things available) so I will just go to Chicago. My tried and true favorite city. Shop on Michigan Ave. and stay at a fab hotel and try to wing in a spa treatment which is also something I do annually for my bday.

  18. On my bucket list is to be debt free or gain complete control over my finances and go on a South American culinary vacation/tour.

  19. Going to Paris – it’s very high up on my list of Bucket List To Do’s. I love everything Parisian!!

  20. My number one beauty must have is Dermalogica’s Daily Micro Exfoliant. I love this stuff. It is gentle enough to be used daily and does a great job making skin nice and smooth!

  21. The one person who has most positively impacted my life this year is my husband. He is so supportive and kind and caring and generally makes me want to be better in everything I do!

  22. I love the “39 bucket list idea” will have to use for my 49 this year…it sounds so old, 50! especially when you don’t feel it or want to look it…and i can’t do without sephora’s living proof hair products for fine hair…

  23. Thanks for the chance to win!
    Near the top of my bucket list is to dine at Thomas Kellers French Laundry

  24. One person who’s influenced me this year: my son, whose sweet innocence makes me just a little more thankful every day.

  25. How will I celebrate my birthday this year? Well, hopefully with a fantastic dinner out with my husband, drinks after and maybe a movie. Pretty simple, but with a 2 year old it’s a rarity!

  26. First of all, BIG BIG happy birthday my dear! You are fabulous!

    1. A to-do on your own bucket list

    Travel to Australia! I still cannot believe I have never been!

  27. 2. A beauty must-have of yours (a product, routine, whatever!)

    I always, always wash my face at night. And I use a yogurt mask about once a month. Literally just slather on yogurt, let is dry and wash off! It makes your skin so soft and glowing!

  28. 3. A person in your own life that has influenced you in a positive way this past year

    This is every year for me really but definitely my mom! She is the best! So supportive, loving, thoughtful and honest. Couldn’t do it without her!

  29. 4. Or, how you plan to celebrate your next birthday!

    Well, I just celebrated the big 3-2! haha
    It was a wonderful day filled with my favorite breakfast (everything bagel/ham/cream cheese!) and dinner with my family 🙂 and a little online shopping 😉

  30. My must have makeup is dior show mascara, even when I try other mascaras and like them I still always end up going back to Dior

  31. my daughter has been the biggest influence on me. She has taught me that I need to be confident so that she will follow in my footsteps

  32. I have always wanted to sit at a corner cafe in Paris and people watch… a must on my bUcKeT LiSt!!!

  33. I recently picked up the Suger Rose Tinted Lip Treatment in fresh from Sephora… boy-o-boy I love it! Just noticed today it’s made it France too! Thats my BeAuTy MuSt HaVe.

  34. Might be cheese-balls… but my boyfriend has been my rock this year. He’s a shining example of a good, solid human. That’s my PoSiTiVe PeRsOn.

  35. My very best girlfriend has been such an influence and an inspiration to me this year. She is terminal with cancer and is nearing the end of her fight. She always has a bright and sunny attitude and is concerned about others, first and foremost. She is brave beyond words. Continues to be a ray of sunshine even in her final days.

  36. I used a Chanel moisturizer, but had to switch when they discontinued my favorite. I recently discovered the Selma Hayek line Nuance. Everything I’ve tried in the line is amazing.

  37. I’m looking forward to seeing Swan Lake at Lincoln Center in NYC for my birthday! Gotta love the ballet.

  38. 1.On my bucket list : Visit Paris!
    2.My beauty routine is my body cream.
    3.I met a person this summer in an island who influenced me and made me see things a bit different.
    4.And I wanna celebrate my birthday at a jazz party!!

    Great giveaway!!

  39. A to-do on your own bucket list: to translate a book

    A beauty must-have of yours (a product, routine, whatever!): my perfume

    A person in your own life that has influenced you in a positive way this past year: my students

    Or, how you plan to celebrate your next birthday!: I wanna have a huge American-style birthday party

  40. My birthday was just a couple weeks ago and pretty low key (hard to get too excited after 30), but if I’m still in this area next year, I’d love to treat myself to a long weekend in LA 🙂

  41. My bucket list has about a bazillion countries on it, but (rather stereotypically, I suppose) Paris is at the top of my list right now.

  42. Birthday celebration…..this year we will go to Happy Valley for a Penn State game. My brother and his wife will be there too! My brother and I have our birthdays one week apart. It should be an awesome celebration.

  43. person who influenced me – my mom, her strength after my dad passed has been inspiring and inspired my own strength

  44. my next birthday is 30, i want to do a big camping trip with my friends under the stars, talking about all the great memories of my 20s and the memories i’m hoping to create in my 30s

  45. My beauty must have has certainly become my clarisonic. I can’t be without it, and I do believe I didn’t know a clean face before it.

  46. Person who has influenced me? Honestly, I know this might sound cheesy, but I have continually been encouraged and influenced in the best way by the many incredibly talented bloggers and multi-faceted female creators on the interwebs this past year. So inspiring to see others just going after whatever truly calls them in life.

  47. I haven’t made a ‘bucket list’, but I think itis a great idea! I would love to hike the Grand Canyon!

  48. I am very excited to celebrate my birthday this year on the beautiful Isla Mujeres! Margaritas and the Carribbean Sea 🙂

  49. A person in your own life that has influenced you in a positive way this past year : my friend who moved away. She inspired me to take a chance and do the same!

  50. My birthday just last month was spent with friends after a pampering massage for myself. We went to a brewery aNd had great convo drinks and mini cupcakes afterward
    Next yr plan to follow suit with a winery tour in brooklyn or out east in LI. 🙂

  51. Fashion and beauty sites like yours have been a huge influence on me, but my biggest inspiration this summer has come from mystylepill.

  52. I always enjoy celebrating my birthday with my closest friends, dinner, and wine in my backyard! Best way to start a new year!

  53. My number one product I can’t live without is lipstick! Two of my favs are origins “tulip” and Nars “niagara”

  54. My 5 month old son has influenced me the most over the past year. I never knew the love of my life would be someone so small and whom I didn’t meet for 9 months 🙂

  55. A person in my life that has influenced me in a positive way this past year is my sister in law. She was diagnosed with breast cancer, had both her breast removed but is still so positive and a great wife and mother..

  56. One of my favorite beauty products is Smashbox’s tinted moisturizer… it can only be found in Nordstrom now since it’s on it’s way out (discontinued!) – I’m stocking up!

  57. Hmmm.. my birthday isn’t until January so I haven’t thought much about it yet. as long as it involves cake, I’m a happy lady 🙂

  58. Would love to write a book but I think it begins with keeping a journal and keeping track of the amazing things I’m blessed with each and every day.

  59. Beauty Must Haves: Concealer or Blush! I have olive skin and dark hair so thankfully I can get away without mascara. Concealer to even out my complexion or a little blush for a rosy tint are my 30 second fixes!

  60. A beauty must have for me is my Make Up Forever HD foundation. It is perfect for any day and goes on flawless.

  61. A person who has influenced me positively this year is my coach and I now have learned better eating habits.

  62. At the top of my bucket list is a culinary adventure in Italy…hoping to go next year! Love your blog Erika 🙂

  63. Happy Birthday! My best friend, Sandra, has really been there for me this year. I am so blessed to have her in my life. I hope everyone is fortunate to have at least one bestie in their life that is always there for them.

  64. I couldn’t live without my Y’ves Saint Laurent illuminating stick. The best eye brightener I’ve found.

  65. Someone who has influenced me positively in the past year is my friend Blythe. She is full of life and has never met a stranger. She brings out the best in everyone she’s around and picks out the treasures in people. She taught me that I can sing (I never thought I could). I’m truly blessed to call her my friend.

  66. This year, I turn 22. And no, I don’t plan on having Taylor Swift sing as part of my life soundtrack that night. I plan on spending my 22nd in a fun outfit with my closest friends sipping on drinks and listening to music gathered around our firepit.

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    Post by Caroline Christine.

  68. One big “to-do” on my list is to take a two to three week road trip across the US, ending at the Pacific Coast, and making tons of stops – both planned and unplanned – along the way. It is something I have always wanted to do, and i think it would be an exciting way to visit a bunch of amazing places, from small towns to big cities, and meet interesting people.

  69. A beauty must have for me is unrefined, cold-pressed, organic coconut oil. I use it as a makeup remover, moisturizer, and hair treatment. I also use it as an ingredient in face masks…. Not to mention it’s uses for cooking! It’s an all around great product.

  70. My birthday isn’t until next July, but I’d like to celebrate it at the beach. I haven’t made it to the beach in a couple years and I can’t think of a better birthday celebration than one that involves salt, sand, sunshine, and delicious seafood.

  71. a to-do on my bucket list is to travel to either Thailand or South Africa in the very very very near future. let’s see if I can cross this one off next year!

  72. one of my beauty must-haves is mascara. I honestly can’t leave home without it! it just brightens the eyes and instantly makes me feel put together

  73. a person in my life who has positively influenced me this past year is a recently new good friend. she has this positive energy and attitude that helps you push through even the most tense or stressful moments and having her to confide in has been a true blessing.

  74. my birthday is in late march and the new divergent movie comes out the same weekend! similar to what I did a couple of years ago with friends when the hunger games movie came out my birthday weekend, I’m planning to see it at a 21 and over luxury theater with a glass of wine followed by dinner at a favorite local mexican restaurant!

  75. My bucket list MUST-DO is to go to India or Bali for a yoga retreat for at least 2 whole weeks! I would loooove to do that, if only I could pull myself away from reality long enough …

  76. Beauty Must-have: DRY SHAMPOO, cannot live without it! I even put it in my clean hair! I have super fine hair and it gets weighed down soooo easy, dry shampoo keeps it from getting greasy and gives great body and lift!

  77. My co-worker Karen has been a huge influence/presence/inspiration in my life – she is such a hard working and genuine, caring, loving – she has given me so many lessons, tips and advice that have truly changes my life in the little over a year I’ve known her. In fact, I should probably give her this gift card as a thank you if I win!

  78. My birthday just passed – August 14th – and I celebrated it without much fanfare, work all day, homemade dinner made by my boyfriend, a dinner the next with girlfriends, and visit to my parents on the weekend. It was perfect – quiet, but quality time with all the people that matter to me. Next year, maybe I’d like to slip away for a weekend getaway with my man to somewhere beachy, breezy and relaxing …

  79. My parents inspire me. They left their home of more than 30 years to move closer to my daughters and I. They are so brave and selfless!

  80. My sister has influenced me in a great way this past year. Reminding me to be positive and to let go of the past and negativity.

  81. Pretty sure my hubby will be gone for my birthday with work~ so I am thinking a massage and pedi, a good bottle of wine and relaxing with my puppies!

  82. Happy Birthday!!
    On my bucket list is to go skydiving. I tried zip lining last year and it was way more fun then I expected.

  83. I am a huge fan of exfoliating gloves and an epilator. I started using them last year on my legs and I love how I can get the look of just getting a leg wax at home.

  84. My husband has positively influenced me this year to take more chances and branch out. He’s amazing, Love that guy!

  85. No plans yet for my next birthday…. But I think it will involve Margaritas, good friends and my back deck:)

  86. As far as my beauty routine I am always sure to use eye serums in the morning and a eye cream in the evening. My mom taught me to start doing this when I was 16 and it has been a habit ever since. I am hoping it is working:)

  87. My next birthday is a BIG one, the BIG 40! So I am planning on celebrating with friends and family and then heading on a girls trip to Cabo to top it off:) Hope you had an awesome birthday Erika!

  88. Santiago Salviche pushed me beyond my limitations and guided me towards a healthy mind and living the life of my dreams! I’m ready to turn 30 next year!

  89. Next February I plan on spending my birthday in NYC. Not sure what, though I know it will be amazing!

  90. A person who has influenced me in a most positive, inspiring way is my manager who has taught me that there is so much more power in being nice!

  91. African black soap and all natural shea butter that is sourced from a women’s cooperative in Africa are my go to products of choice.