TINY PRINTS Displaying Kids’ Art

Happy Friday! A reader recently asked, “What do you do with all your kid’s artwork?” My answer: frame it, display it proudly! So here’s a little D.I.Y. weekend-warrior project for parents out there: rummaging through your kids’ old artwork that you have stashed away, and selecting pieces to display in their rooms. Here are the four ways I’ve done so in my daughter’s room, with a few tips to make it work for your home…

Tip #1: Buy inexpensive frames and don’t be afraid to chop the artwork up to fit! (Better that they are out on display than in a file folder hidden forever on some closet shelf.)

Tip #2: Framing that silly drawing she did one random day “off-center” suddenly makes it look like an edgy piece of art! Try it!

Tip #3: Create a little gallery wall with a few pieces in the same colorway, and mix up the frame styles. (You’ll notice I also mixed up the art techniques here.)

Tip #4: On your next trip to the art supply store, pick up a pack of blank canvases, paint brushes and acrylic paint. Awhile back my daughter and I had a blast painting up some canvases and I still decorate with them to this day.

Tip #5: Let your budding artists help you pick out the pieces and the frames! It will make them even more proud of their creations.

Have fun!

See the rest of Erika’s daughter’s room here >

Photos and styling by Erika Brechtel

Erika Brechtel

Erika Brechtel

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  1. Adorable! I love your daughter’s bedroom! You’ve motivated me to tackle that pile of art and see what gems I can find. Thank you as always for the inspiration!

  2. This looks fantastic! You have a talented little artist on your hands :). I think this is such a great way of using what you have instead of letting it collect dust in a drawer, as you said. And I’m sure it would make parents super happy to see their children’s artwork every day-in fact, my Mom has a piece of artwork of my brother’s professionally framed and hung in his old room, and she is utterly in love with it. He made it when he was in preschool and now he’s 32…so you can see the many, many years of happiness this has brought!

  3. Beautiful! Such a great approach. Your daughter’s artwork is beautiful! I have to know where you got the elephant lamp!

  4. I love all of those ideas, especially mixing up frame styles! I need to know where you got that fabulous mirror in the first photo!

  5. Thanks for posting this. I done two about this very subject. I’ve been drawing since a toddler and my first major was art education as I wanted to be an art teacher. My cousin has a daycare and I was furious when she told me the mom of one of the kids would consistently toss her daughter’s art projects right in the trash before leaving the day care. Her excuse was she didn’t have room for it. Yes, you’re not going to keep everything forever and I get that but to toss it, in front of the child, is ridiculous. SO I’ve been a big fan of framing kid’s art and displaying it……even if only in their room.